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My First High.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stupidsmartboy, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I just got sober after being high last night.

    It's the morning after and WOW, it was FUN!
    I smoked a bowl with a friend, and we thought we got sold schwag at first.
    We just sat there passing it back and forth, and smoked like 2-3 bowls together.

    We "felt nothing" for about 5 minutes, and thought that we did something wrong or we got sold some oregano.

    Now, here's where the story begins

    About 10 minutes later, The white walls of my house started to turn pink. At first I was like "wtf is this?" and my friend started to get weird too.

    About 2 minutes after that, my left side of my head started to get REALLY dizzy, then the right side of my head. After it going back and forth for a couple times, they both happened simultaneously, and then I believe I was high.

    My friend and I both looked at eachother, and started saying "WOW THIS STUFF WORKS!" We still had half of our pack left, so I sealed it up and hid it away (upstairs) with my other stuff. When I hid it away, I think I got hit really bad with memory loss, because I said "why am I here?"

    Then going downstairs, I reached the bottom and said "OMG I NEED TO PUT MY STUFF AWAY!" (even though it was already put away).

    I went back upstairs, and then realized my stuff had been put away, so I go back downstairs.

    At this point, my friend and I are laughing uncontrollably. I finally realize that we also promised to go to a friends house (who had no idea we smoked) to play with them.

    We finally get our jackets on, and we leave the house.

    Halfway there, I realized that I had forgotten my shoes at home! I quickly run back and my other friend sees us, so he comes and waits at my house while I get my shoes. I then walk out of my house, and realize I'm just carrying my shoes in my hand (like holding the backs of them with two fingers).

    I then don't really remember what happened, but we eventually got to my friend's house.

    I was told that I dropped my shoes (like I was going to wear my shoes) and picked them back up 3 times, but I don't remember any of that.

    At my friend's house, we shot airsoft guns at targets. He also had a BB gun, and used it to shoot through cans (we brought over two of those 99 cent arizona green teas).

    When I went to hid backyard, I was rushed by the looks of all the stuff. It was sunny outside today, but it looked SO bright. Like all the colors were made in highlighted shades.
    Also, for some reason, whenever he shot a hole through the iced-tea can, It seemed like I was right next to the can as a hole was made into it. It seemed pretty cool.

    After about an hour or so of that, my mom calls me home (who is unaware that I'm high) and tells me to mow the lawn. (I mow it weekly).

    I then tell both of my friends goodbye, (the other one is so blazed, and does some stupid shit but I'll explain in another post) and leave to go home.

    I have one of those garage key codes, so you have to type in a number in order to get inside.

    At first, I typed in my school ID number, which had no effect. I then typed in my phone number, but halfway through I realized that this is my GARAGE DOOR KEY.

    So then I type in a key that I think it is, but I realize that I've quickly forgotten the passcode.

    I simply go up to my door, and give it a ring. My mom tells me "go mow the lawn" and opens up the garage for me.

    Once I got my hands on the lawnmower, I mowed my front lawn quickly. I then got to the back yard (which is fenced in) and started mowing there.

    For me, it's easiest to run circles around my backyard, and then make them smaller. I do this because I don't have to pivot my lawnmower, and it becomes one spiral motion for the whole yard.

    I start doing my circle thing and mow my backyard, until I realize my neighbor is staring at me (I have a house that is back to back with another one).

    After him staring at me, I noticed that I was mowing already cut grass. When I looked around me, I realized that I was just staying within the circle that I cut before.

    I cut my grass regularly (for a baked guy) and went inside.

    It's been around an hour and a half, and I'm just feeling a buzz right when I go inside.

    I then play Crysis 2, and for some reason, I can see the people who use cloaking a lot better. But unfortunately, I couldn't play very well. I just kept turning on cloaking, and when it turned off I forgot that I wasn't cloaked anymore, and kept wondering how they could see me.

    Anyway, that was my first high. Anyone else have any stories?
  2. You got some laced weed bro, go see a doctor.

  3. Gotta be over 18.
  4. You sir have just smoked Crack..

  5. Was my stuff really laced? That's a bummer.

    Post Pavilion, I'm 18 years old. I'm a senior in high school and am about to go to college next year after the summer.
  6. It wasn't laced, you just smoked and smoked until you felt it. Usually I don't feel much at all while I'm smoking but as soon as I move to stand up, it hits you like a train. I like being functionally high more than absolutely baked when I'm with friends. If I were you, I'd smoke about half a bowl, 6ish good hits on good bud and you'll be soaring but you won't be acting retarded and can keep a decent conversation going between the laughs.
  7. That's good to know.

    I was just wondering why My friend and I weren't feeling high.
    We thought it was because we didn't smoke enough, so we kept smoking.

    I also had really bad short term memory. I kept trying to stay "normal" because the friend that I visited, his parents came home.

    I think they knew we were stoned but I kept trying to act normal anyway.

    I'd be in mid conversation and then just forget what we were talking about.
  8. Lol walls turn pink, besides that it just seems you were really smacked.
  9. Young Apprentice tokers
  10. Congratulations, I guess?
  11. Meh, you guys can believe what you want about my age.

    And instict, it wasn't really that the walls were pink. They weren't hot pink or anything, but it has that glow when you shine a light to it.

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