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My first high was BAD

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by duckbin, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Ok, a couple of friends invited me to smoke some weed with the a couple weeks ago, it was my first time. I did waaaay too much, about 10 big hits each of us.
    It was good at first, I felt giggly, we had some conversations, we laughed. We got up (We were in the woods) to go get a sandwich at Subway. We went in, I sat down at the table, and thats where it all went downhill. I sat down, and my vision got really messed up. I looked at my friend, and his image was burned in my eyes, it took about 10 seconds for me to be able to see again, and everything was in slow motion. I felt my hand moving at a faster pace than what I was seeing. Plus we were in public which made it even worse, I went outside and told my friend that I didn't feel well and another friend and I went home and I went to bed.

    Idk if it was the ammount we smoked, or if we mixed our weed, or just the type. Is it usually like this? I just like giggly feeling, not this holucinating junk.

    How can I prevent this?
  2. You smoked too much for your first time, that's probably it
  3. Sounds like you had some Thors hammer. I've heard of this shit but never seen it. Supposedly it costs like $9000 a gram. It makes you trip just like how you described.
  4. HAHAHAH dont trip out kid, its probably cuz u did smoke to much. dont worry about lace or anything. but yea i didnt get high my first 4 times of smoking (taking into account i was drunk the first 2 ahaha). but yea when ur high you get really wierd thoughts, such as time perception and space perception. You'll get used to it after a while and trust me its amazing. Everything feeling slow down is VERY normal, and honestly thats one of the best parts of getting high. next time just take it a little lighter. keep toking young one:D
  5. ^^^^^thors hammer hahaha, nice.

    but no that doesnt seem normal musta jst smoked to much or somethin homie, smoke again and im sure youll have a better time listen to some music and youll experience the true powers of the herb believe that ha.
  6. lol

    just smoke a little bit less . a lot of times people see in frames like you described , see your friends image for 10 seconds .

    so that just means you over did it .

    after you build up a tolerance and get comfortable with being high you can get higher and higher and seeing in frames and tripping like you did will be more chill and fun .

    so you never said what you were toking out of but instead of 10 rips take 5 . ...wait a little and see how your feeling...if you want to get higher take a few more
  7. At least you got high your first time. Me and Obama inhaled frequently our first times, and nothing happened.
  8. first time I smoked I took about 4 hits and it was great, it was outa a pipe, try a little less next time and even if you trip out dont panic, it just means you got some really good stuff, and it happens to aloughta new smokers
  9. I didn't even get "high" the first time. just giggled and got tired and ate.

    Now I get really intense highs that make it almost impossible to be in public. You got one of those. they're the best, dude. if you're not in public, it's the shit. Just lay in bed with the lights off and some music on loud enough that you only hear your music....and then just relax....the best.

    Also with friends is pretty chillin too, but try to stay outta public for a while until you're used to your high.
  10. Know your mind, know your limit. Next time you smoke (which I hope you do), smoke .1 of a gram (little less than a 1/4 of a bowl). Remember, you are new to don't need a blunt for a 'head change'.
  11. i feel like the room is tilting and so is my body...i love that feeling:D

    EDIT: you probably just over did it once you smoke more often youll learn to love the feeling and youll be able to control it...

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