My first High Experience!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ~~Hellrose~~, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. Ok as some of you know, I have a thread about me getting high for the first time, but here I would like to share what happened!

    Ok my friends scott, josh, bobby and me were crusing around in our car like all day doing nothing, later saturday night we found someone and we bought some greenery. We went to bobbys house and then we walked across the street to a really popular toking park called Comstock Park. We starting loading Scotts pipe with a bowl, we each smoked it, I smoked about 7 hits off of the first bowl and 3 off the second. We started walking back, I could feel it. It WAS wierd as hell, like light was starting to bend, I had a slight delay occuring and I started smiling lol. When we got to bobbys house we went in his room! Now let me tell you his room is where the stoner lives. He has a projector that goes on the wall with like amoebas and water things that just float around, he has lightning globes and he has wierd wierd lamps with colors and stuff and posters and a stereo with Pink Floyed in it and he has black lights going on, I swear I thought I was in heaven and I was trippin out and like I felt like throwing up cause I was lightheaded but like if I thought to myself that im not even sick, the feeling went away. Everything was just so wierd, I couldnt stop smiling, I laughed alot, pretty much was passed out on the bed the whole time just staring off into space.

    I have to say it is wierd the first time but hey, it all depends on the weed that you get that gives you a differant high?

    Oh well, my first time I got some pretty strong shit lemme tell you.
  2. congrats, welcome to the high life. Haha, its the most amazing experience. i hope you have a long life of tokin and happiness.


  3. glad to hear your first experience was a good one, as well was mine...

    how was the munchies?
  4. Oh god, the munchies... as soon as I got home, I seriously baked myself a pizza, had about 10 cookies and 2 pops.
  5. welcome the the family =D
  6. It won't be as crazy after you smoke some more. When I started smokin, that shit was nuts! But now it's like second nature. Welcome
  7. Glad you like it. There will be many good times to follow.
  8. heh, the delay analogy really hit me.. when i'm really stoned i feel a delay.. like have you ever seen random stoners on the street trying to walk??? we look retarded, literally!

  9. Spot on but you still get stoned but it's a different kind of stoned high and you are able to smoke insane amounts of cannabis eventually.
  10. sometimes i do miss that "noob" high though :D
    welcome to the wonderful world of cannabis! ..may you enjjoy your stay ..oh ya and welcoem to the city.
  11. I know exactly what you mean by that delay effect. First time I smoked I remember repeatedly touching stuff just to feel the delay. hahaha. Then I put a cooking pot on my head and yelled "LOOK! I'm a pot head!". Ah, good times rollin' on.

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Weed. Or the DubyaDubyaDubya for short....

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  12. how did you get 7 hits on one bowl with a few other people ? wowz0rs... but thumbs up, keep tokin

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