My first harvest!! (with pics)

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  1. so after 8.5 weeks of flowering, i harvested my first grow. she was a white widow from nirvana seeds. the trichs were about 90% cloudy, which is what i was hoping for since i wanted the heady high rather than the couch lock. i'm so excited, i can't wait until she dries to get my first home grown smoke!! :hello::smoke: not sure on the weight yet, will weigh it once its dry.

    250W HPS/MH ballast with bulbs: 125$
    10 seeds from Nirvana: 45$
    12 weeks of electricity: 60$
    Carbon air filter: 100$
    Pots, soil and nutrients: 50$
    pH meter and mircoscope: 20$
    Mylar: 15$

    Smoking one's first true home-grown bud: PRICELESS

    just another week and a half or so!

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  2. Those buds look great. I can almost smell them now. Nice harvest for first grow. Keep it up Bro! :hello:
  3. Holy shit.. how big was your growing space? and make sure to post the dried wieght! crazy
  4. Man thats beautiful!! I hope my first harvest looks that nice!
  5. is fantastic!!!! lol teach me!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. the grow space was about 3 ft deep, 5 ft wide and 6 ft high. plenty of room i think for one plant, a second would have been a bit crowded. i had two plants originally, but one of them was male so it went down the garbage disposal....i'll post the dry weight as soon as i know (hopefully about two ounces is what i'm hoping for, which will last me and my gf for well over a year).

    i'm already starting to plan out my 2nd grow, which probably won't be until next winter, but it's fun to think of. any suggestions for strains? i prefer the sativa/heady high type bud...what are people's favorite strains for this? i've got more white widow seeds, but after a year of smoking the same strain i might want to try something else. we'll see.:hello::smoking:
  7. Sweet harvest, especially for your first grow! I'm doing a WW grow right now, hoping to get some killer buds like you :)
  8. I've always loved Cali-O. Sativa dominant hybrid, wonderful smell, excellent taste, heady energetic high with a little body stone, and easy to grow. Also just about any Haze strains if you have the patience. I'm gonna try some Amnesia Haze from Soma.
  9. Final Weight:

    3.5 ounces!! :hello:

    Ain't too bad i figure. smoked some last night, and holy shit its the most potent stuff i've ever had (and i thought i had had some pretty good bud before in my day). two hits and i was done for the night, very cerebral and quite long lasting. this is going to last us a long long time! Thanks to everyone for their help. :smoke:

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  10. damn bro. nice harvest.
  11. very nice grow for shure:hello: the only thing is if your not going to be cough "giving away some to freinds " cough you might want to keep them in some air tight canning jars to keep those buds nice and dank
    just food for thought morbazon420
  12. Sweet crop man keep up the good work man:hello:
  13. wow... that looks beautiful. isnt it amazing.... for under 300 dollars you can grow multiple ounces.... all it takes is time and some energy. good job. keep us posted on the weight. +rep
  14. thanks...3.5 ounces will last me for probably 2 years, especially considering how strong it is (not to toot my own horn though)...after curing i hope to store it in vacuum sealed jars, so hopefully it won't degrade in the long run.
  15. get it into jars!!!! :) You think it's potent now, just wait till shes done curing. Curing is the secret.....

    nice grow
  16. Nice result from your 1st grow. I have a similar size growspace and grow 4-5 plants easily enuf and keeps me going for a year!
  17. they're in 12 jars right now, curing away as we speak! :hello:

    is it true that the bud becomes more potent when it cures? how is this since no more THC is being produced?
  18. wow 3.5 ounces from 250 watts of light thats good I think.:smoke:
  19. Thumbs up. Pretty nice ratio at almost 0.4g/W. Good job. :D
  20. real nice...and i wish 3.5oz would last me 2 any bud a macro so we can really see how nice they look?

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