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**My First harvest, to the Jars!** G13 WW *Outdoor

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by zq8s10, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So I finally got my first grow complete, I also have 4 red diesels, and 1 purple power, around 13 ft now.. haha. But this is it for now, The taste of this is amazing. I smoked two bowls with the ole lady after it finished drying today, and we were blitzed. The smell is sweet, and skunky. Definitely potent. This forum is amazing, it wouldn't have been possible without it.



    This is a premature piece picked about 2 or 3 weeks ago..

  2. Congrats on the grow man!
    Now please for the love of God; cure the hell out of it.
    You won't be dissapointed.
  3. that looks really good man, i hope my first harvest can turn out as good as yours did. how much longer until your other stuff is done?
  4. That's a beautiful bunch in the last pic!
  5. How much did you get on your harvest?

    Nice buds!
  6. Thanks guys, and yeah, I'm trying to get the drying and curing down, I've had problems with pieces I took off when I experienced some bud rot in the past.. I messed up and put it in jars because it felt crisp, but after 12 hours in the jar they felt really spongey (If thats a word) so I went to the store and got some brown paper bags, now I've been letting them sit in there, with the bags rolled up, they seem to be getting their smell back. Some of them smell like hay, and some of the smaller pieces smells like some chronic, So I don't know, they say the curing will bring it all back out. So, I'm guessing I need to leave it in the bags till the stems make the popping noise, right? Not the stems, but the branches should snap, is that correct? Anyways..

    In the picture thats around 2.5 ounces, I've done picked around 15gs off that was smokeable a couple weeks ago because I was trying to prevent some bud rot, and I picked probably 10 off that was rotted, so I lost a good bit due to that, but this came out great.

    Hopefully my diesls will be ready to pick in another month, maybe a month and a half, and my purple power, probably 2 and a half months.. I live pretty far south, so it doesnt really get too cold out.. search my threads Ive got pictures of my 13 footers somewheres.. their older ones however
  7. beautiful herb man keep it harvesting outdoors and indoors:smoke:

    no airiness my favorite HG
  8. Thanks guys, today is the fourth day, and now I've sat the buds back in the jars. Just to summarize, I hung dried for 2 days, and as a newb harvester I thought they were really dry, put them in the jars, after 12 hours, I opened the jars and they were wet again, spongey anyway, so I put them in paper bags for another day, now the stems and all are actually snapping when bending, so their back in the jars. Hopefully for the smell to return.
  9. That second pic is amazing dude, enjoy that. :smoke:
  10. The stems should snap directly after the buds are fully dried. Where do you live dude? Looks like some mighty fine outdoor. Btw curing for a while will bring out the dank smell.
  11. Ok, so I have been growing outdoors in So. Cal now for four years.
    I can tell you only what I have learned over the years.
    1. If you picked in September you may have picked too early. Did you check the trichomes before you picked your buds? they may look ready, but until most of the trichomes are milky(not clear or amber) that is the optimal time to pick your buds. Leave the ones that aren't ready. Usually the lower ones to grow out for a few more weeks. Most of my plants come in october, early november like this year when it stays really warm out.
    2. CURING IS EVERYTHING!!! I cannot stress this to you enough. It is the difference between good bud and great bud. Hang dry or putting on a baker's cooling rack for your buds to dry. Minimum 2 days. usually four. Then put it in a brown paper bag, fold top over once. Open bag for five minutes once a day and turn over contents. This should take 2-5 days. Keep smoking it everyday. When it tastes and smells right and gets you blitzed that is when you store it airtight. It will seem like it is really dry. I usually put in a moist paper towel in the bag for a day before i jar it to bring the moisture back up. Works perfect every time for me. Everyone raves about my curing.
    3. You look like you are just shearing your buds. You are losing a lot of good bud that way. Try to cut the leaves out individually, it takes longer, but you get bigger, fatter buds. Leave the tiny, tiny leaves. They are covered in trichomes and will be good to smoke.

    Hope this helps.
  12. im kinda jealous man. mines in the process hah

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