My first harvest cfl grow ftw

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  1. SO i Just chopped all but one of my plants last night and I am impressed with the actual amount that I got. Also, from being all bag seed, I think I have 2 blueberry plants and some other sort of goodness. It all looks dank except one, so I am pleased. This grow has been smooth since the start, all 6 were females.

    heres some pics:

  2. nice dude!
    what were the specs on the grow?
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    I am also interested on this specs of this cfl grow. Looks good man!

    Edit: Was all of the chopped bud from 5 plants?
  4. Wow great job, especially with the cfls.

  5. I used 12 26w's and a big 52w for flowering, was a little smaller on veg.
    And this is only from 4 plants. One I chopped early because it looked like it was going to be bad, and 1 is still plumping up, so this is only 4 of the 5 plants, and i have about 4g's i already cut off and is curing as we speak.

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