My First Harvest! Any DIY humidity tips?

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  1. Today I finally got to the end of my very first grow. Supposedly a Sour D clone, it's retained a strong fruit-loop -esque scent throughout the latter half of flowering so idk if it's SD but it's dank. I topped it at ab 1ft and a half, and it grew up three main cola's to about a meter or so of plant. I let it flower 10 weeks (having to move soon, would've liked to do 11 or 12) and got 160 grams wet weight. It's been fully trimmed of sugar leaves and all, may do some more trimming after they shrink.

    Okay so the main point, I have them currently in paper bags( at least all the smaller guys), spread out evenly, not too much overlap or touching, like 10-20 g wet per bag. They're in like 10 bags in a cabinet in my kitchen. Then I have the two biggest colas hanging in a box in another cabinet. I have a temp/humidity reader that has a separate "outdoor" sensor that I have sitting right above the buds in the cabinet and it's averaging 65-72 F but it's at like 66-73% RH. Any ways I can lower the RH with a DIY solution like put in something that can retain moisture? The indoor RH of the room is at 55%, but leaving the cabinet door open could get too much light on them right?

    Also, is it okay to put them from harvest into paper bags? Alot of people talk about hanging all of it, idk. I'm watching for mold and I've read my shit, but i'm just anxious to preserve all my buds correctly :D

    You can see the two main colas up on the top right :)

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  2. Buy a lot of beef jerky and get a bunch of those "DO NOT EAT" packets and throw em in there?

    Or you can just go out and buy a dehumidifier...better safe than sorry my friend :)
  3. Sorry I have no valid input on this thread , but nice sandles

  4. fuck the sandles, nice yield!
  5. Chop up the main cola into smaller buds..
  6. 160 g WET?? not so much but it looks like some premium
  7. 160 grams Wet.. So about 50 dry? Thats very nice for your first grow.. Ignore this kid ^
  8. well, i haven't tried it with bud so think about it first
    but, when saving seed, i will take some rice and bake it in the oven for a while until it is completely bone dry, then i wil immediately put that rice in a glass jar(airtight) and wait for it to cool
    AFTER cooling i wrap my seeds in an old pair of panty hose and use a rubberband to tie the top part off and put that in the jar and close the lid airtight so no humidity is sucked from outside air, and then a little while later, couple days, i take the seeds out and store them in a container thats water/air tight and has a little packet of dessicants in it

    MAYBE you could do a similar process with the buds
    hang them in a 100% airtight box with baked rice on the bottom, like 4" thick or more

    you could also repeat the process one or two times to really ensure dryness

    just an idea, not sure if you would wanna dop it exactly the same because it could speed up your drying process too much, but somewhere along those lines might help...
  9. I have some silica bags the ones you get in food packaging as a humidity prevention would I be wise to place on in my curing jars?
  10. you could... i know when i save seed from the garden i sometimes do this AFTER drying them real well, just as an extra precaution to make them viable seeds for YEARS longer than what others achieve, so i'd say give it a go man, just remember to burp the jars
  11. [ame=] Mini Dehumidifier: Sports & Outdoors[/ame]

    cheep, small.
    i hope this helps!

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