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my first guerilla grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by chronaholik, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. haha definetly not
  2. whoever said hermie seeds 90% turn hermie is dead wrong. hermie plants is how femminized seeds are produced, they have a higher chance of becoming hermie but nowhere near 90% lol but they also have like 90% chance of becoming female
  3. I have heard sooo many different sides, so instead of throwing the seeds out I said fuck it ill give it a shot. So far every single plant was a female...we ripped some out to make room for the nicest plants, but all have been female SO FAR. they still have time to hermie? or would they have already shown signs of hermie?
    Clearly from the last set of pics I got a bunch of sexy ladies so I don't know what to think. I heard u have to use the pollen from the hermie and put it on a regular female plant to make femmed seeds.
  4. Right on man, if its a legit spot, i'd recommend just amending to your soil and grow right there! you can bring in alot of amenities after harvest to make sure it'll be better for plants to come.
  5. it has been a while since I updated. still no sign of hermie so that makes me happy! They have been plumping like crazy over the last few weeks. Still about a month or so left I am guessing. There was one plant that me and my brother cut the top off of. They smell so strong right now and are really sticky.

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  6. some more pics

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  7. good job man, what kind of climate you growing in?
  8. I live in southern ontario. the nights are getting increasingly colder. Last night it went down to 7 degrees (celcius). The buds r still kind of see through (for lack of a better term) I am assuming from now till harvest theyll just thicken instead of growing bigger? I hope that happens!

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  9. Nice, you could probably get some of these girls to turn purple because of the cold. I know it's not really a big deal if it's purple, but yeah, I grew up in the generation of Adderall and Ritalin. I like pretty colors.
  10. well, me and my brother went to them last saturday to see some fuckin peice of shit useless cock sucker cut off a bunch of branches and a couple colas, so we harvested. Everythings dry now, smokes amazing! cant wait for nxt year, already have our plot decided.
  11. as an fyi, if you stress a plant into a hermie, its not going to produce hermie seeds. if its a genetic hermie, then it will produce hermie seeds. in order to get fem seeds, you let a plant flower past the finish time, and it will produce bananas. you cut them before they open, and use the pollen inside to pollinate a female that is not related to the hermie.

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