My first growroom (in progress w/ pics) need help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by aceofangels, Aug 14, 2008.

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    \t\t \t\t \t\t \t\tThis is basically my first growbox me and my friend are setting up and its a Rubbermaid setup. Just wanted to show some of the progress.

    Now I was basically wondering... whats the next step? I know I need to get light fixtures for the sides, but do I just bolt them in?

    Also, I need some help on how to wire it all together. Any help?
  2. Next step is get rid of the foil! It causes hot spots. :) Paint with matt white paint or use Mylar.

    Good Luck with your grow. :smoke:
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    i'm confused. you say growroom... but that looks more like a grow box, or tub if you will.

    you're thinking you're gonna grow a whole plant within a rubbermaid? you're vastly mistaken. but i don't really understand wtf you're doing.

    And like freedom said, if you're gonna make this any kind of serious grow, get rid of the foil. Mylar/paint isn't expensive.
  4. im useing white printing paper in my grow box its 4feet tall 2 in a half feet wide its an old speaker but anyways where could i get some mylar in the usa?
  5. Mylar is not always accessible.

    Glossy vs Matt?
  6. I saw a thread on here on time, where a person used the same type container only larger, and stacked another one on top. He cut the lid from the inside off the bottom one, and they just looked like 2 storage containers stacked on top each other. This gave him a height of at least 4 ft tall so the plant had room to grow and looked very stealthy in his closet. Mylar can be purchased on the internet. Good luck dude.
  7. Yeah thats my idea, but I cant really afford mylar right now. Is it alright to use the aluminum foil? I have foil tape on there too and I heard that was fine.
  8. I wouldn't if I were you. I know it seems cheap and tempting, but it will cost you in the end, your plant(s) won't thank you for it.

    Mylar really is cheap too, not much more than you'd pay for the foil! Or plain white paint, cheap as chips!

    Good luck! :)
  9. Ok Ive decided my next house im gonna post a tutorial complete guide to "THE GHETTO GROW" not that it cant be done but cheap methods rarely produce superior quality that said my suggestion is this in the us hydroponics shops sell mylar by the foot you wouldnt need 5 thats less than 20 bucks skip the next dub and use it for your freedom freedom from crappy smoke freedom from crappy dudes and freedom from looking oh and if its still out of your price range and still better than the foil dollar store sunvisors provides slight insulation as well as semi reflective good luck
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    Well Im planning on it looking like:

    So will that really not work with foil? And how well would it work with just plain matte white paint?
  11. I don't know how many different ways to say it! I only say it because it is the general feeling here at GC and so far with my first grow all the advice from GC has served me brilliantly, I have two plants that are thriving. I'm just trying to help man. White paint will reflect your light really well. Foil is gonna burn your plants. I would be gutted if I spent time and money on my grow, only to have the plants burn to hell!

    I too am doing this on a budget. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, but if you're gonna do it, do it right, it'll save ya time. :)

    Also, read the stickies, they are your best friend!

    With the box you are using, you probably wouldn't need more than a metre sq of Mylar, which in the UK only cost me £2.50. Even cheaper than paint!

  12. Double post... (accident)
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    Ok. We just removed the aluminum foil and are now covering it with a few coats of white matte paint. We just put the fixtures in like in the previous picture. Ours looks exactly like that, except with white paint.

    Finished it will look something like this (With way better airtighting and all that, we are going to make it look nice)


    So, do you guys think it will work with 1 plant using LST?
  14. I dont know if those pictures are working in my last two posts for you guys. Can anyone let me know if they can see them?
  15. Nope. No pics.
  16. Ok I just saved them and uploaded them to imageshack, now they should be working.
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    The two halves design looks very clumsy to me. A wooden cupboard would have been better. It is all about volume after all. For a single plant, I would say at least 150w of warm clf light.

    EDIT: Also, I assume you are going to do passive hydro, or soil. Meaning you will just use the bottom half as root space (fill it up with soil or whatever). In that case This looks good.
  18. Yes. I have about 195 actual wattage, and a lot of lumens, I got 3 42w 2700K Lumen CFLs and 3 23w 1700K Lumens. I couldn't find any 6500K. But I am assuming (and hoping) that having these 6 lights for 1 plant would work.

    As to the bottom half, I am just planning on putting 1 plant in a pot in there so I can change how high the lights are from it. Or would it be better to just fill the bottom with soil?
  19. Looking good. :hello:

    Good luck! :smoking:

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