My first growbox project - please rate, correct and criticize

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  1. Hi,

    My first post here, so Hi! - again.

    I want to set up a not-so-big growbox. I've got a cabinet (approx: L: 2.46ft, H: 2.78ft, W: 1.18ft [i use centimeters]) in which I want to put self-made growbox (L: 1.80ft, H: 2.65ft, W: 1.14ft).

    Here's what I've decided to do:

    a) Ventilation:
    - two 4.7-5.5in cpu vents [37-54cfm] with self-made carbon filters <- TOP RIGHT
    - 0.8in holes (don't know how many) <- BOTTOM LEFT

    How tight should the container be? I'd try to allow the air ventilation only thru holes and vents and secure any other gaps etc.

    b) Light:
    - 150W HPS (17000lm) inside 'baking form' - won't this be too much?
    - box painted white inside for reflecting / foylon'r'mylar

    c) Pots:
    - 2-3 pots for 2-3 plants, which one is preferabble?

    d) Plants:
    - not chosen yet, some small auto should do? What do you think?

    I've attached the image of this 'beta' project.
    Please post some opinions and tips what and how to change.

    I want to do some testing of the box w/o plants in order to check if I can arrange proper conditions for plants to grow.

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    I like your design... it would only be better to air cool your light(one fan) and use the other to exhaust your grow space... the link is to a diy cool tube... he already had the hurricane glass, so it was easy...

    [ame=]‪Part 2 DIY cool tube‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    this is to cut your own hurricane glass outa a flower vase...

    this would be my option other than the baking form... that will just trap the heat

    other than that, build away

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