My First Grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by wanderingevil, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Day 1-2

    Basicly I'm trying to grow some weed, I don't really care about how much I get out of it, just trying to see if I can manage to grow some

    At the monemt im trying to germinate my seeds to see if theyll even grow (one of my sketchy friends that I havent seen for a while just handed me 20 or so seeds)

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  2. Day 3

    Alright so yesterday I noticed I got my first root, today I'll grab some top soil an a few styrofoam cups or somthing to grow in, I've decided Im going to be growing outside, I found a great spot like 4 mins away that I can grow at :)

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  3. nice root
  4. Thanks but I still dont know what I'm growing... it should be half descent since I got them from someone that sells a 1/4 pound of good weed a day. I saw him the other day and he had a giant ziplock bag full of these huge nugs

    but yea i got some top soil out of my garage and dropped the fucker in, i couldnt find a pot so im using the bottom off a water bottle, needless to say I still need to find somthing descent to grow in.
    I'm trying to to this as low budget as possible so Ill most likely take a pot from one of my neighbors yards or somthing lol

    and yea I was thinking, since the place I've decided to eventually grow is a clearing/prarie in the woods, I need let my plant grow some where to allow for more light (the tall grass will block some out) I was thinking to have it up on my roof till it gets to be about a foot tall. Since I still live with my parents I cant have a mj plant growing on my window sill, and I'm sure they wouldnt notice it up there, I mean shit who looks at there roof

    1 sec I'll attach a pic of my make shift pot, I'll find a better one monday morning when everyones at work

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  5. Day 4

    Damn things are just flying along, I woke up this morning and I have a sprout and another one of my seeds has germinated, the sprout dosnt look very healty, its a light green and brown probably the shitty topsoil I got out of my garage or me overwatering here take a looksie

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  6. Day 5

    My first plant just got its second set of leaves, I expect a sprout from my other one tonight or tomarrow, it looks like only 2 of my seeds will germinate but hey its better than nothing right? I left my first plant up on the roof all day, its about 80 degrees outside and the humidity is low, but yea I just got it off the roof and moved both plants into my back yard

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  7. hello

    pulling up a seat on your first grow.

    everythings looking good so far. what sort of nutes will you be feeding this young plant?, might pay to get a PH tester also :p they help alot. (if you dont allready have one)

    anyways be back for updates
  8. Day 7

    Well one of my 2 germinated seeds haven't poped up yet so I'm most likely gonna be growing one plant and with my luck it'll be a male lol, I'm gonna try and get some more seeds kinda late but its better than risking getting one male and nothing else right?

    Not sure what ill be feeding it yet, I gotta take a trip to to a gardening store or somthing near by... and yea about the ph tester I'll be trasplanting my plant into a field next week and mother nature will be doing alot of my watering and such so I figure I can live with out one for now heres a pic of my plant so far

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