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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by I hate cops, May 24, 2006.

  1. Ok So I just started and I'll put up some pics of when I started and what they look like now. Its been about 2 weeks maybe. I forgot to germinate them :(. I just wanna make sure I'm on the right track.

    Thats them when i first noticed they were growing
    Wuh oh...kinda big.

    Thats them now. I took those today.

    I gotta take one out.

    Other than that, how they lookin?
  2. thats where my plants are. but mine look healthier!:D i'm right there with you just learning as i go.
  3. that pot seems very big for little babies, id switch to a dixie cup for now, then move to the bigger pot.
  4. one plant per pot budy I swear I told you this or was it somebody else
  5. yes that was you who told meI dont wanna switch to dixie cups cuz the pot they're in now is kinda big.
  6. Sometime soon you want to put them into different pots. Otherwise they have a high likelihood of dying if they are together like that. Otherwise they are healthy for now.
  7. Wuh oh! I think I gotta take em out, or water em some more. I'll take some pics tomorrow. So I get home today and decide to check up on my plants. High as dick. But I notice that the big one is growing the extra leaves they grow so I'm like cool. But one of my pointy leaves is starting to kinda fall over. It was also like 92 degrees. I watered them earlier and let them be the rest of the day. Tomorrow I'm gonna take the little one out and put it in a Dixie cup.


    Does spring water help it grow any faster or better or healthier?
    Does talking to them help them grow?

  8. Yes, spring water is great for them if you are talking about bottled spring water. If you are talking about spring water from an actual spring then that is questionable because water like that could have lots of bacteria in it.

    Talking to them is also good because it emits CO2 which the plants need to grow (you know, the Krebs Cycle). Also, if I were you, I would do the transplant correctly and put them into a pot instead of another cup. Go for an 8 inch pot and they will grow faster because the roots have room to stretch their wings.
  9. no, listening to people earlier when they tell you to put them in their own pots so their roots don't tangle up and strangle each other to death helps them grow.
  10. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Is This shit stretching too much? It's kinda really fuckin big. Like 9 or 10 inches.
  11. you need to read the responses

  12. Its stretching because it's not in a pot?
  13. well this is my last response to help this guy cause he does not listen growing MJ is not easy and if you cant even follow simple directions just stop growing now cause your just gonna waste your time put it in seperate pots now not tommorrow not next watering now ASAP

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