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  1. Hey guys, first post on the forum, looking for some help.

    Ive been researching everything about growing indoors for the past few weeks and i think i have all the info i need, but i want to clarify that i have the right stuff.

    I will try to post a picture of my grow space(closet) so you guys can visualize it.
    ive chosen auto flower because i dont have a ton of space and i would like it to be a little stelth, i do not live with my parents. I am going to plant 2 plants then begin my rotation when the first 2 plants are about 3 weeks.
    What are your favorite auto flower strains? ive heard good things about the ak47 however i think it might have too much odour while growing.

    Lighting - actually not 100 % clear on the type of lights. Fluoresent CFL MH HPS watts etc. let me know what you think i should use
    im probably going to gop with a 20 on 4 off lighting schedule from start to finish, ive also read 18/6, what do you guys think?

    Pots- 1-2 gallon or 5-10 L pot ( will a 3-5 gal produce bigger yeilds?)

    Nutrients- i read about this not specifically for auto flowers i can only assume its the same or similar.
    8-10 weeks total
    weeks 1-2 NPK 15-5-5
    weeks 4 to the end NPK 10-30-10

    is pH still a concern with autoflowers? if so then 6.5 to 7.5 is what ive read

    soil- not too familiar with soils either. ive read to look for perlite content and sand content and a well draining soil. Any info on this is appreciated

    Water- luke warm tap water let to rest for days( evaporates chlorine?)

    i hope these plants will get to 1-2 feet and produce close to an ounce of bud

    Sorry for the long post and the noob questions.
    much appreciated -One Love:smoke:

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  2. how is pro mix Bx for soil
  3. ok first of all if you want a real grow that will actually produce something that you can brag about and enjoy smoking your gonna want hid lighting that means MH for veg and HPS for bloom. question are you sure you want to do soil hydroponics is allot easier then it seems and auto-flower love hydro they grow danker and faster. For soil use fox farm if you want the best. also what is your budget cause i can suggest thing that will cost allot more than others. Ph is alwase a concern with any plant, your forgetting one big thing that alot of first timers including myself when i began forget, and that is ventilation your gonna need to cool your lights and circulate your air and if you dont want your entire house to reek of weed then your gonna need a carbon filter. get back with anymore questions il help you out
  4. also dont get set on harvest yield just yet, its gonna take you a grow or 2 to really learn how to yield the amounts you want. but if your in if right now for the money then you need awhile to go.
  5. im trying to do this for as cheep as possible. im just growing for myself also. i plan on using cfls 5k for veg stage 3k for flowering stage. would 2 of each at 75 w each light be sufficient? and as for circulation i will have a fan in the closet and from 12-6 everyday i leave my window open in my room which will get some fresh air to the closet. i live in a small residence style room
  6. your not really gonna produce anything of real quality with cfls period, its deff not gonna be the bud you see in pics on here they dont have the lumen capacity for what they need especially autoflower they need lots of light in that short amount of time. If you like good weed you gonna need a hid light, it will prob just end up being a waste of money cause your gonna get shawgy weed. also when plants are about a 2-3 weeks from harvest they REEK you dont want to draw any unwanted attention with pot smell flowing out of you window for most of the day. Grow room is more involved then your thinking dude trust me the weed your gonna want to smoke cant be produced with cfl bulbs. Invest in a good light and you wont be wasting your time.
  7. look into 50 watt hid lights even if you can wire hid car headlights to plug into the wall would be better then cfls
  8. OK thanks for your advice man its much appreciated
    im not dead set on growing at this point anyways becuase i knew that it was costly and its better to go big or go home in a way i guess. Ive read auto flowers are good for bedroom grows or small grow rooms and ive read that cfl, hid and HPS lights work well with auto flowering plants. but you are probably more knowledgeabel than me so ill take your word for it! and i definatly do not want low quality bud i love my high grade sativas! i was under the impression it was easy to grow auto flowers and almost ideal for someone like myself who loves everything about their bud. Smell is not as much of a concern i recently spotted a smaller carbon filter with a fan for $140 at a seed bank here in Toronto. Tough call tho, i have heard great success stories with the AK 47 AF.

    Thanks brother

    and ill look into the 50w HID and the possibility of using car headlights, cheers
  9. yea just like you said go big or go home especially if your a connoisseur, your invest will reflect your overall product. Amazing store is they have everything you need and if you dont see it right on the website email or call them and they will probably have it for a cheaper price than you see anywhere else. good luck dude
  10. You can grow just fine using cfls, there are literally hundreds of grows in here using them and have produced some very nice medicine. Is hid better? Yes, but cfls when done properly can certainly hold their own.

    Read the different cfl stickys,there are many experienced and knowledgeable growers on here that have grown on a shoe string budget. To say that all bud grown by cfls is crap is ignorant.

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