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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by view_np, May 16, 2006.

  1. hey everyone.

    I have two bag seeds flowering under a 250watt hps. I have Foxfarm Ocean Forest Mix for soil. I forced them into flowering after 30 days or so because I recived Jock Horror seeds for Nirvana(great shipping highly recommened.) I have them under a 40watt floro cool white tube for the first week or two. By then I'll be able to confirm both the bag seeds are male, I'm pretty sure they are both male but I'll wait it out. I was just wondering how many plants I have have under the 250watt I have 8 Jock Horror seedlings and I was wondering if I should pick 2-3 of the best females, or keep all the females(depending on the ratio i get) and keep them smaller. Me grow area is about 3 feet wide, and up to 4 feet tall. Thanks any imput would be helpful!

  2. hey view_np, welcome to GC! :wave:

    everything sounds good to me, your 250w HPS should give ya some nice buds :) as for how many plants your 250 can flower, it'd say you could do a few... but your 3' wide will make it tough to do more than two. im flowering Lunah in a 2x2' space, and she takes up the whole thing...

    also, it may be tough to keep your plants less than 4' tall... cause remember they have a bucket/soil under them and the light above them... so dont veg them too big, or you may run outta space quick! generally they stretch 3x their veg height... best of luck, peace

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