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  1. I have been smoking bud for about two years and because all the dealers in my area are completely unreliable, i have decided to grow my own. I am currently growing 3 seedlings with hopes of more coming up in my closet on a 60 watt and a 75 watt lamp during the night and in my window in the day. so far i have two sativa/ruderelis hybrids about two weeks old, 6" tall and with the second set of fan leaves well on the way and 1 pure indica, about 5 days old, still developing the first two real leaves. I purchased a 400 watt hps bulb from home depot today and i need to shop elsewhere for the fixture. i plan on having another 400 watt and growing on 3' X 3' shipping pallets with plywood and flat white paint for light reflection. I started feeding them 5-1-1 fish crap and blowing a fan about 9 hours a day. I water about every three days and fertalize once a week. any comments? i know my lighting right now is pretty much stupid, but like i said... very temporary, i will be running the hps by the end of the week. is mylar wotrth it for the bigger space? i might try to get a perpetual harvest running with veg and flowering chambers in the same room. Is there a good way to block out light from one chamber for the dark period?
  2. Looks good. Got pics?
  3. no sorry i dont have the charger for my phone and i dont have a digital camera

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