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  1. Yeah you'd think these were our real kids
  2. Leaves are drooping...just watered it with plain water this time. Is this normal?

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  3. No she's a sad girl. Good call on the plain water. Hold off on the nutes for another watering cycle and keep an eye on her.
  4.'s amazing how rapidly things can change. I am hoping it is just the nutrients, because that is the only thing I changed this week. The basic rule of experimentation, never change more than one variable at a time.
  5. You got that right my friend. I have a sick girl also. I transplanted last weekend and one isn't doing so well. I think it might have been the hydroton I put on top. I didn't rinse it out first. I think she's coming back now but it was a little touch and go there for a bit.
  6. hey Lindberg, my one sick lady is bouncing back. She was in a little bit of a shock from the transplant. She's looking better and better every day. I'll be posting day 28 tomorrow so keep an eye on my journal.
  7. 1 month old:
  8. Hey Lindberg, looking good my friend. Nice and dark green and big fat leaves. Hell yeah.

    We just posted day 28 last night in our second grow journal. Check em out if you get time.
  9. Very nice. Tons of good info here. For some reason, my plant just has not been growing rapidly at all this week.
  10. They do that, I have one that has quit growing too. She'll pick up again soon. I saw that in my first grow also. Move her to another location and let her chat with somone new.
  11. Did you see the measurements of our ladies? I put a tape to them last night and posted their vitals.
  12. 1 month and 4 days. My girl is showing slower progress this week, but she's still healthy. I think she is showing more upward growth this week than foliage growth.

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  13. Looking good Lindberg. My ladies are all finally spreading out. They were all pretty tight into themselves but have all of sudden spread their wings.
  14. Hey Lindberg, my two sativas are out growing all the others. How much do you think I can top off before I damage the girls? I'm thinking about topping down about 6-8" or to the nearest big node? I want to slow them down to allow some of the others to catch up on the height. Thoughts?
  15. Once plants get to be this size they are much more resilient. I'd say that sounds like a good idea to keep a fair amount of light on all your ladies.
  16. Cool, I'll let you k now what we decide. I'm reallly nervous about this but they are getting so tall that the other ladies will be on top of buckets and what nots to keep them close to the lights.
  17. Yeah...I am thinking about trimming off some of the foliage on the bottom. Is it bad to do this? Will it affect yield?
  18. Weren't you talking about Lollipopping?

    During our first grow we experimented. Two we left to grow however. Two we Bonsaid and two we inner trimmed. The two that we did nothing produced well, 2oz. each, but hard to harvest. The two we bonzaid did about the same, the ones we inner trimmed did very well, lots and lots of inner buds. I trim the lower ones also, they usually die anyway. I'm going to be trimming some of my larger fan leaves to allow more light to the center. I'll do some before and after pics for you.
  19. Must have been another post I saw about lollipopping.

    Your ladies will be fine to take the lower leaves.

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