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  1. Nothing flashy to start off this thread but I wanted to document my growing on GC...This will be an outdoor grow with two different types of bagseed, one batch is just your average mids and the other was the best looking mids ive ever bought...anywho, all ive done so far is gather my seeds...picked my location which is in a opening in the woods with a water source a 100 ft away..sunlight is in abundance there and there is little threat of the plants being gathering pots around my property, my parents are all about flowers and shit....i'll post tomorrow on my progress
  2. Have you researched how to grow in this sorta enviorment. Not asking to be a dick , on the contrary i was hoping that you could enlighten me on how you will do this becuase im looking at trying this myself... like for example are u just going to plant a shitload of seeds and hope a couple survivr or tend to them? u know things like that....
  3. To a degree I have an idea..ive done some research and even grew a plant for a month..but nothing using flower pots for as many as i can..the location im using is an old clearing in the woods, all the trees are cut down in a 50 yard wide and 100 yard long this clearing tall shrubbery (about waist high) have filled in the void...this will provide some alot of cover and MJ will be well planting the seeds in there own individual pots, i might plant a few in the ground and hope for the best..the plants will be spaced out so there wont be a chance of a male fucking up a female..

    the environment is your typical southern US weather..summer temps average in the low 90's and the sun will burn you into a crisp..luckily we get those late afternoon summer thunderstorms here so that will help in regulating water and temperature...but its susceptable to droughts and heat waves..that will be my biggest concern while the plants are young...deer, are all over the place here, luckily, they have deer repellant in stores so hopefully that will work...
  4. Day 1: I've got 4 seeds germinating using the paper towel method...should be ready by monday morning..i cant post pictures right now cus I lost the damn cord that connects from the camera to the computer..

    These next 3 days will be devoted to prepping the grow sight...
  5. Day 2: nothing exciting, seeds are germinating...gathered 5 pots..gathering i said, nothing exciting
  6. Day 4: Two of my four seeds have the rooting shooting out..cant plant today since memorial day is keeping my parents home..hopefully tomorrow i can plant the ganja in the pots
  7. Day 5: Three germinated seeds have been planted into their respected pots...i hid each one in seperate spots about a mile away from my house..i have more seeds but only two more big pots left so I might have to try to plant the rest in the ground..

    I will always remember June 1, 2010
  8. Day 6: One of the three plants have broken the soil of my pots was pushed over and that was the one with the seedling..everything is going smoothly and im bout to germinate 2 more seeds for a grand total of 5 plants...hopefully 3 or more will be female..there are a lot of storms around right now and im hoping it doesnt rain a gonna try to get my camera out for tomorrow's update
  9. Day 9: First set of leaves are coming in with another set on the way...they have only been in the ground for 5 days..i'll get my camera going here when they get alittle bigger..
  10. Day 10: Plants look good..I took pictures but cannot find the cord that is used to transfer plant is ahead of the others by a day or so, it also looks like it is stretching but since its receiving crazy amounts of sunlight thats not the reason..

    I'll work on finding that damn cord
  11. Goodluck,and take pics of the clearing as well if you can,I'm interested to see if this works.
  12. Day 14: Plants are looking good for the most part...2 of them are growing straight and steady while one of them bent over cus it got top-heavy but has corrected itself somewhat since i got more sun at its new location..but its still curvy like an S...i'll try to straighten it out area has been busy with fisherman and such but so far so good, they have not been found out..whenver i find a cord i'll get pics up
  13. really would like to see pix just to see where it goes
  14. Good luck man, I hope you have enough time to let them finish :)
  15. I have your cord. >:]
    Hahaha, I'm looking forward to seeing how your grow goes my friend.
    Keep this thread updated bro.
  16. Will do long as my ganja keeps growing I will update it:bongin:
  17. Day 17: The ganja look great..better than what I thought they would be since it has been 95 degrees every day...I didnt have time to look at them much this weekend since the area is busy with fisherman and hikers...I only watered them once today real quick cus i was concerned with the heat..but now a damn line of thunderstorms is coming in so more rain will be coming..

    and I found a cord that looks like it should fit my camera so tomorrow i plan on taking some pictures
  18. Started 2 days before you, Ill be stopping by to check your grow and compare :p

    Good luck bro! hope to see some pics soon :)
  19. Day 19: All three survived the thunderstorm..2 of them looked like they were stepped on but they both went on to recover nicely though..i know i should post some pictures but ive been chillin with my buddies and playing COD that I havent had time..but I will soon..anywho, I counted 14 leaves are on them right now and they seem to be in good shape with no yellow leaves, holes, and any other rookie mistakes..its been hot out, 96 degrees, straight sunlight all they are growing rather quickly..anywho, I'll get those pictures up tomorrow Fo Sho
  20. Day 20: I have some pictures but still no gonna look for it tonight...a line of thunderstorms came in and took out 2 of them again, leaving them bent down and curved up for light..but i straightened them is the last day of thunderstorms and then after that nothing but sunlight and greater than a 20% chance of rain in the next 10 days...hopefully they will get stronger within that time..

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