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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by fiLcone, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. This is my first grow, and is more of a trial-and-error grow. The plant is about 3 weeks old and was moved inside a couple days ago. I'm using a 60 watt light (works great for my small grow space) and I have a fan going which provides a decent ventilation. I have the light on for 18 hours/day and off for 6 hours/day. I also have a stick supporting the lower main stem, and I am unsure if this is good/bad. Being my first grow I'm obviously lacking experience so any help, information, or thoughts would be gladly appriciated.

    Here's a picture of the box in the corner of my closet....dont wory i just left out the fan and...well the top half lol

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  2. Here's a picture of the plant at about 3 weeks... we can only hope its not a male!

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  3. What kind of light are you using?
  4. Transplant that imediatley in a 5 gallon pot and cover the stem all the way up to the lower leaves. Also it looks like you are watering to much by the way the leaves are drooping.
  5. man that plant doesnt look to good you need to put it in a larger pot with more soil and give it some water poor thing needs a drink and you better get a stronger light.
  6. Ok well I just transplanted it into a 5 gallon pot with much more soil, burying much more of the stem. I'm working on getting a flourescent light, how much would a compact flourescent light cost? I only water it when the soil looks/feels mostly dry (aprox. twice a week). I'm not sure what kind of fertilizer to use, what would you suggest?

    -more pics soon, gotta fix my camera....till then, let's smoke! Here's a pic of my keep

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  7. I dont know much about ferts but I do know fluoros are very cheap. I would get two tubes and have them and the sides and have one big fluoro on top. If budget isnt a problem get an HPS.
  8. If you can, use the fan to blow directly on the plant as well so it will strengthen the stem as it grows. You will not need to support the plant then, it will support itself and the weight of bud growth later on. Keep on growin' . . .

  9. Ok well it's been about a week since my last post and ive made a couple changes that seem to be working. The plant has a larger growing pot with new expert premium blend growing soil. I have the same "grow light" on the plant because I can't afford a decent flouro....but I am actually suprised to see how well the plant has been doing with it. Still using the same lighting pattern: 18/6, seems to be doing well for now. I have been spraying the plant with sugar water every once-in-a-while, and I have also been adding more CO2 by mixing baking soda and vinigar in the bottom of the grow area.

    Here's a side view of the plant....looking a little better than before :)

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  10. I hope the leaves are looking at least a little better than before, but hey I'm trying....and for my first time I say it's not tooooo bad ;)

    and as always, suggestions are gladly accepted....

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  11. Man get a fluoro at least. At my dollar store we have around here you can get one for 4 dollars CAN. If you want something that isn't a piece of shit you can go to Canadian Tire/Walmart/Home Depot/Any store really and pick yourself one for 6-9 dollars. For the age of your plant and its size it hasn't even produced 9 tipped leaves yet. While I am surprised it's doing as good as it is, you really are hurting the baby, you will see such an increase in growth if you change it man.
  12. Yeah im prolly just gonna go get a flouro today then, if they are so cheap, but i was really looking to invest in a larger flouro with higher watts which im told is about $100 where I live.

    I also just noticed that I have 2 more sprouts growing in my back yard, I'll get pics soon but at what age do you suggest moving them inside? They only have about 4 small leaves each, but are close to each other so I wanted to move them to their own pots indoors soon....and suggestions? (I'll have pics maybe even by later today) :)


    read some books & use your brains.


    it looks fine for what your working with. (perhaps better than fine)

    perhaps one thing that may just give it that extra boost is if you can put her out in the sun for any legnth of time??? just in the yard or something when it gets real sunny.
    shes love u for it. :)

    good luck with it.
  14. OK well thank's for all of the advice, keep it coming! Most of you will be happy to know that I FINALLY got a pretty nice flouro from my friend for and I hope it can do the wonders you all say they can. So here's a pic of the light over my setup. Let's see how she does! :)

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  15. Here's a pic of the light itself...I'm happy with it and it should work well. SHIBBY!

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  16. And here's the inside of the grow box, mostly same setup (which seems to be working). The plant is looking a lot larger and the leaves are more perky (compared to my earlier pics where the leaves are drooping....bad)

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  17. I would suggest flowering in another week. If it gets to big your lights will[ not be sufficent. But it looks like your plants are liking that fluoro. It probably brought the temps down too.

  18. Can you explain to me why he wouldnt want to bury that huge stem? If he didnt his plant would be bending over and snapping.

    Also dont put it in the sun, its more abuse than the plant needs,(switching from real to artificial light) its easier to keep your set up. D
  19. I have also never seen a healthy plant that didn't produce 9 finger leaves in this age of growth.
  20. My plant (indica dominant) only spits out 3's and 5's... and been flowering BEAUTIFULLY <3

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