My first grow!

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    My first post here, and my first grow! :)

    My friend and I germinated some bag seeds from pot we enjoyed, and here is how it is going thusfar. (see pics). We planted them 2 weeks ago, and they burst through the soil about a week and a half ago. We've got 7 growing plants, some of which i've taken close-ups of.

    We germinated the seeds with paper towel, then moved them to small pots with some generic potting soil. They stayed inside for the first week of life, then were moved outside to a nice sunny spot on top of a shed.

    The whole process has been a fun learning experience for me. We started them indoors, in a fairly well-lit room. But, since they weren't getting enough direct light, the first ones to burst through the soil got really tall! We're supporting them with some stones, carefully placed around the stems. Is this a good idea? We tried tethering them to a stick with loose thread, but they kept on slipping off in the breeze. I added more soil, too. Any pointers as to how we can keep em strong?

    The next step we've got planned is to move them to bigger pots, with better soil - a mix of pro-mix and a bit of fox farm organic soil. Eventually, we're going to plant them in the ground.

    Suggestions and comments are eagerly welcomed! :)


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  2. Putting them on top of the shed sounds risky, watch out for helicopters & planes.
  3. Thankfully they won't be up there for long! Just until they're a bit stronger, then they're going into new pots, and into our secluded grow area. Our shed area is pretty low-profile too. Not sure anyone could spot these baby weedlings from the air quite yet.

    I was thinking of keeping them in bigger pots, in the forest, until I can weed out the males. After that, all females in the ground with nice soil-filled holes.

  4. Watch that long one, it is very stretched and will need some help. I would suggest burying it up to within about 2" of the top when you transplant. It will form new roots and continue growing. As it is now, it may not become strong enough to hold itself up, let alone support buds later on down the road. They stretch when the light is too far away from them.

  5. i would suggest doing that to all the plants when you transplant them to bigger pots.
  6. I'd love to just lower them in the pots they are in now, and add more soil, because these pots are more than enough for now.

    What's the best way to get these seedlings out of the pots without damaging them? That way I can remove some of the soil from the bottom of the pot and replant, burying more of the plant down low. I don't want to stunt growth too much, though, or worse, kill them! :(

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