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  1. Well here is a pic of my first grow... Sorry, the picture is kinda crappy, I don't have a very good digi camera. I planted these on 2/11 and they have been under my 250 Watt MH lamp for the past 2 weeks (18 on and 6 off). These are just from bag seeds.

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  2. looks good! i would pile up some more soil over those stems. it may just be the picture, but it looks like you had some intial stretch. do you have a fan going on and is the mh directly overhead?
  3. Looks like you may want to prop them up with a stick.
    and like said do you have the lite close enough?
  4. Yeah, the MH is directly overhead (about 2 feet). I have three holes in the bottom (you can see two of them in the picture) and a fan at the top blowing air out. That initail long stem growth happend while I was waiting on the MH lamp in the mail...

    So your saying that I should fill the pots up the rest of the way with dirt?

    How tall should I let them get before I replant them in 2 gallon pots?
  5. As Canabis creators we must now give a shout out to all of our brothers and sisters in the canabis sativa family and let them know we feel their pain on waiting for the mail and maybe, just maybe, someday all of our little (OR BIG) green friends will have hids, hps, or Ra shining radiant on them so that they can GROW GROW GROW, UNTILL THEN SOME OF THOSE PLANTS WILL JUST S T R E C T H under the 15 watt fluro we bought in the blind, such is life for the poverished mj plant. Is that 18 inches from the tops with a hps too??????
  6. any light distance is experimental. there are the recommended and the "what i have used in the past" methods. i have gotten my 400 hps within 8 inches of the main grow stems. yes to close but not a temperature or venting issue because i could control it. when adjusting lights, it can take hours to get it right. so keep patient and remember, if air isnt moving, and moving with a way out, it will get too hot.
  7. those look like some young plants y do u already have them 18 on and 6 off i thought the light was supposed to be on 24/7 until the plant is mature and ready too flower??
  8. According to the experts (I am not one by any means) there are two main reason to have the lights on an 18-6 schedule instead on a 24-0 schedule.

    1) All plants need to rest.

    2) It's less stressful on a plant when you switch to the 12-12 schedule for flowering.

  9. Here is a pic of the same three plants almost 2 weeks later... I just repotted them last night so I'm not sure if the droopping is from replanting stress or because they are at the tail end of 18 hours of light... Once again I apologize for the poor picture quality. I'm trying to convince my wife that we NEED a high quality digital camera :)

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  10. anytime u have to use the words 'rip the seedlings out...' means that its in some serious trouble.

    i wouldnt bet on it.
  11. with that watts-distance thing i heard the rule of thumb is ~4 per 100w but like you said dread if you have the ventilation you can bring them in more. But then if you bring them in too close, the light distribution isnt as good. This wil give you nice fat colas under the light and the outer buds end up lanky and thin.

    When do you plan to flower? Any training/topping in mind?
  12. Here are the latest pics (46 days)...

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  13. and another...

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  14. Last one...

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  15. dayum :eek: thats a nice turn around there, they are all coming along nicely! now what you need to do is start introducing some lst. get those lower shoots even with the top, they can and will provide you with additional grow points for buds. more points = more buds :)
  16. I'm not quit following you guys... What should I do with the bottom fan leaves?
  17. leave em. You can tie the main tops over at an angle so the lower growth comes out.
  18. Here is another pic I took today...

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  19. train them it will benifit you
  20. Or you can kieep it simple and just top them by removing the top growth

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