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    Hello GC! :wave: I'm new to the world of growing, but very interested and committed. I'm starting with 2 strains: Big Buddha's Cheese and Sweet Dreams. Any questions, comments, or constructive criticisms are welcome.

    Lights: I'm using a combination of a few different Soft White, Daylight, and Warm White bulbs. I'm not sure which ones are the best for vegetative growth, so I just combined a few different types.

    Medium: I'm having trouble selecting a medium, I've been reading a few grow journals on the site, and they're all different. If anyone has any suggestions for an organic grow medium they would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm just using seed starter potting soil.

    Water: Regular tap water with a PH of 6.5-6.8

    Also I'm transplanting these plants into different cups tonight that aren't clear, so that the roots won't suffer any light damage.





  2. for lights use 6500k for veg, 2700k for flower. and for medium i recommend fox farms ocean stuff hands down. good luck
  3. you need to loose the clear cups... roots will not like them...;)
  4. Thanks! I just discovered that there's an Atlantis Hydroponics store right down the road so I'm going to go check that out for sure and see if they carry Fox Farm products.

    Got it under control. No light damage for my little ones. Thanks for looking out!
  5. It's day 13, and 7 out of 10 plants are growing strong. I've transplanted them into FFOF potting soil, and also put them into Solo cups. I also moved my fixtures around a bit to optimal light usage. Humidity is running between 40 and 45. The temperature is still running between 70-80. The pH of my soil is a little high, around 7 now, but I think it will be all right for now. Any questions, comments, or criticisms are welcome! :bongin:




  6. Looks like a great start friend. I just love how the FFOF soil looks, just like great soil :)

    Keep it going strong, you've got a nice setup.
  7. Updates! :hello:
    I added the nutrients today. I'm using Fox Farms Grow Big liquid plant food (NPK 6-4-4) in the water. I'm using a very low concentration: 1 tsp per gallon. I don't know if this helps or not, but I do not want to use too much. Also I got the pH of the water down to about 6.4 which is also a little better.
    I removed 2 of the weaker Sweet Dreams and 1 of the weaker Cheese.
    I also got the bulbs a little more evenly spread over the tops of the plants.


  8. They're looking good! Keep up the good work, old sport!
  9. Last night I believe I over fed them a little bit, because the leaves started curling downwards. I moved the lights up one level also in case that was the problem. I'm about to transplant them into gallon pots because my taproots are growing through the bottoms of the cups. :hello: Pictures soon.
  10. Look at those cute little babies!
  11. Yep, that's me! That's one of my favorite pics of myself dominating. I think this shot has me at a better angle though.

    Anyways, UPDATES!
    I transplanted the babies into gallon pots, except for one (the place only had six left). One is in a pot that's a little smaller, but that plant is a little less developed than all the others. Everything else is running pretty much the same.


    Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome! (please)
  12. They are looking really good! Your little babies have turned into little men.
  13. That's some really good root development for such a small plant. Keep it up. How long do you plan on vegging them. Looks like you got a monster bush strain.
  14. looking good thor mate
  15. Day 11 Since Sprouting
    Since right now in that closet I'm only going to have room for 2 or 3 full grown plants, I'm going to keep the strongest of the two strains that are girls and just make them the mothers. Then I can just take clones from them and veg them instead I still have to set up my flowering/vegging room, the closet is just going to be for the mother plants. I'm still researching fully into all of my options, but I'm thinking of getting a homebox, because of their mobility. For my cloner I can't decide what method to use, so suggestions are welcome. It's going to be time for me to start purchasing and building soon.

    Also I was thinking since I have room for 3 plants in my closet, I kind of want to mess around with LST. My strongest BBC and my strongest SD moms will be kept, and then I want to take my second strongest BBC and try to LST it. Does anyone recommend this method? It was just a thought.

    Thanks everyone for the compliments! :smoke:
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    Day 13
    I finally removed the last sick Sweet Dreams plant, :( but the good news is now I can focus all of my attention on keeping my strong girls alive. I'm down to 2 Sweet Dreams plants and 4 Big Buddha's Cheese plants. I've made a few changes to some things so I figured I'd set things straight on here.

    Temperature and Humidity: Generally between 21C-26C(70F-80). Humidity usually runs between 40 and 50 depending on the last time I watered

    Medium: I'm using straight Fox Farm Ocean Forest right now just by itself, but I'm thinking of adding some perlite to the mix whenever I transplant the 2 mothers and one BBC I'm LST'ing because it seems the FFOF is retaining water for too long. Is this a good idea?

    Water and Nutrients: I'm using regular tap water, but the tap water here was a little basic so I added some pH down to lower it and get it around 5.5 (the pH of the FFOH is a little high so it evens out at about 6.7 once added to the medium). I'm using a low concentration of Fox Farms Grow Big (6-4-4) right now and as soon as the plants are a little bigger I'll be increasing the dosage a tiny bit. Right now I'm using less than the reccomended dosage. I'm feeding them once every two days, and just giving them water on the oposite days.

    Lights: I finally figured out what kinds of lights I'm running (all CFL's): I have one 42w 2700k, one 32w 3500k, four 30w 3500k, four 23w 2700k's, and two 27w 5500k's. Two of these bulbs aren't hooked up because I need to go get a Y conncector tomorrow.
    I know that a lot of these bulbs are the wrong spectrum and that I need more wattage, I just don't have the funds to be dropping $150 on bulbs right now. I have them on a 20/4 schedule.

    Music: This is just an expirement I'm working on, but I'm keeping my plants listening to 24 hours of constant METAL!:metal:
    Metal has kept me going strong for all these, so I figured why wouldn't it keep my plants going. This week's playlist is:
    The Price Of Existence by All Shall Perish
    My Fears Have Become Phobias by As Blood Runs Black
    Flies by The Black Dahlia Murder
    Braille (For Stevie's Wonders Eyes Only) by Bring Me The Horizon
    Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End) by Darkest Hour
    This Will Outlive Us by Darkest Hour
    Van Damsel by The Dillinger Escape Plan
    Take This Life by In Flames
    Dead Before I Stray by Into The Moat
    Bleed by Meshuggah
    Bloodmeat by Protest The Hero
    Nihilist by The Red Chord
    You Gonna Buy the Beers or the Whole Damn Bar by Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
    Crawl Back by Veil Of Maya
    This Is Exile by Whitechapel
    Prostatic Flluid Asphyxiation by Whitechapel
    Heir To The Viking Throne by With Faith Or Flames
    I, Colossus by A Different Breed Of Killer
    Berzerker by After The Burial
    Other than that PICTCHA'S!

    I'll be adding a Y connector to the two fixtures on the outside. Those lights are mainly going to be for side lighting as soon as the plants get bigger. I'll add more of those also when needed.


    Questions Comments and Constructive Critisisms guys!
  17. Nice looking plants.
    I plant on having a setup similar to yours once I get my things straight.

    Good luck with them.

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