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  1. Hey gc! hows everyone doing? this year i am doing my first serious grow. i am planning on digging out holes 2ftx2ftx2ft than refilling them with miracle grow soil with perlite and mulch on top. ive already found my spot. i have a few ?'s will 20-20-20 nutrients work good for vegging ive been researching alot and i hear its good what nutrients balence do i use for flowering 10-30-20? and i am planning to LST whats your guys exp with LST
    i have about 15 seeds and i want to yield atleast 1oz at a minimum and i am planning on putting chicken wire about my babys to keep animals away any tips would be VERY appreciated:hello:
  2. Lol, one oz.

    Ya only need one female for that :p. Say 7 of those became female and all grew in the ground to get say, 7-8 ft if you didnt lst them. Plus lst increases yields. You would have much much bud! lol.

    Im pretty much in the same boat though, not experienced yet but planning on getting something done this season hopefully. 2x2x2 holes would be fine to plant in?
  3. hahaha i know its a little but i am such a newb i dont even know if i will be able to keep my babys alive that long! and these are bagseed so i dont know how many will be females :[
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    Lol ah yeah. Well an oz is a good expectation, dont get greedy :p.

    Try the banana peel method.

    supposedly if you put your seeds in a zip lock bag with a banana peel it increases the chances of it becoming female. Its because of the gases that the banana peel releases when its ripening. Other fruits also release it though when theyre ripening. Id recommend putting a little apples and shit in there too. And open the bag every once in a while to give it some air and dont let the seeds touch the fruit cause they could germinate :p. And change the fruit occasionally once it gets too ripe.
  5. how do i do that put a whole banana in there like a green one? or eat the banana than put the peels in? thanks for the tip man :]
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    Yeah no problem bro.

    Yeah just eat the banana and put the peel in with it. Remember other fruits let off the same gas when ripening, i heard apples have even more. So put some apple chunks in there too . Just try to keep it from getting too moist. Seems an apple might have a lot of moisture apposed to a banana peel.

    actually scratch the apple shit, the banana seems fine. I found this :

    So it isnt PROVEN to work, but its used on all sorts of other crops, and growers all over say it works great. So i believe it works. Its just not proven due to the fact that cannibus is illegal and its kinds hard to do controlled studies on it -_-.
  7. thanks bro!
  8. Yup no problem mayne. Btw i edited my post up there, i put in a link to a good article about the banana peel thing.
  9. thanks man! haha and i liked the -_- face do you play cs by any chance? hahahah
  10. Would that be horse shit??
  11. Lol Champloo.
  12. k i did the banana peel thing

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