My first grow :)

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  1. ok here is my first and 1/2 grow (first one turned Hermie) i have 6 drip system. 150 watt hps (400 watt hps on the way from ebay) the seeds are cyber crystal from kc brains. (drchronic)
    im going to start flowering on Wednesday when my light gets here.. anywayz here are some pics

    my mutant

    grow tent

    my girls all together

    i call this one stretchy if u cant tell

    just for the hell of it

    all comments are welcome also im using dyno grow and dyno bloom
  2. im thinkin about getting a bubble hydro system..
    u think the drip method is better? or just curious i guess haha
  3. Get the bubbler I rushed things I hate the drip it gets wet everywhere. The hoses were to small but I think I just got the crappy made one. I think for my next grow it's going to be soil. Too much work changing water and making sure ppm is correct
  4. That's the one I was looking at first but I didn't have enough money so I bought the drip. My drip is pretty cheap. Also u need to have filtered water and the ph must be right also the ppms. If I yeild pretty good I'll probly buy the bloombox. Google it I can't post a link cuz I'm using my iPhone. The bloombox is a beautiful thing. I was amazed what that fucker can do. But 6 amps is slot of eleteicty
  5. yeah screw that ima just get the bubble one lol
    i can wait awhile and save up $55
    i saw some amazing results from one of these things
  6. hey make me a sig pls bro lol but i want a dodge charger srt8 in that bitch.. i start flowering today cuz my 400 watt should be at 10 am
  7. woot woot!
    and this is an old sig i had..i dont have photoshop on this computer anymore ha
  8. i got my light today and the heat rose up to 100 degress, i was like wtf so i just hooked up a new fan and a exhust fan. also there is a weird smell i dont know like from the light
  9. yeAH i freeaked when i saw how hot it are the fans working?
  10. a little better. i cut a hole on the top and put a 12inch desk fan,, the metal one so its pretty strong. i put it on a timer only to be on when the light is on. i m buying a carbon filter friday. i need the smell gone haha
  11. yeah the metal fan i had was fucking insane!
    its soo loud and powerful i had to take it out
    i have an air purifier and nice little black fan and with the window open
    and outside temps around 60, things are going well!
    hope it stays this cool til harvest so i dont have to spend any more money haha

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