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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Styles P, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Aight after weeks of preparation im ready for my first grow.......... nah juss fuckin with ya

    like in some of my other in another area i started describing the first grow so ill recap really quick here

    i germinated 3 seeds in a ziplock back ( a wet towel a small amount of soil and boiling hot water made the taproot grow nicely) then the seedlings were transfered into 3 seperate 1 gallon pots and the pots were filled with potting soil (no i didnt juss drop it in i made sure the taproot was down and the tiny flower was juss breaking soil) i have 2 pots in a small forest w/ a lake nearby (so i can be fishin while tending my crops) and the third a friend of mine let my keep on the side of his house... (i couldnt plant at my house my roomate is strictly against marijuana but wants to share my profits .... go figure) i have been watering them every 2 to 3 days (or when the soil on the top is dry) no fertalizers but the pots are above ground so if a sudden heavy rain comes it doesnt kill my plants (happened to a friend of mine..... he lost 6 female plants in one rain storm :( ) all im doin now is hopin for all females

    ill let you know how it goes htis is juss the starting thread

    pictures to follow when hte plant grows a bit
  2. my "puppy" is growing nicely got some pics here

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  3. Aight after weeks of preparation im ready for my first grow.......... nah juss fuckin with ya

    It should be weeks its fall here and im already preparing for my next grow...
  4. OMG !!!! today sucked...... i went to check on my other 2 plants and i found that some hoodlums had tiped over my 2 pots and gotten all the sould everywhere...... it was completely unsalvagable...... but i still got my lone one at my friends house......... please be female please be female please be female please be female....... holla
  5. you probaly could haev found the sprouts and re planted them. you will lrearn MJ is a vigerous weed and just loves to grow. its a bit late in the season to grow outdoors though. where do you live are you the guy from FLA?

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