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  1. sorry but i dont have any pics yet
    well I dont smoke and I dont drink. I simply like growing it, and making some different type of green on the side, yeah the type that's still flammable

    i have stopped smoking due to a medication I am taking which does not let me smoke, tis i know from trial and error

    its been about 5 weeks since i have planted my plants. They are about 1 feet high and growing fast. i had about 20 seeds which i germinated in a damp paper towel. As the roots got about 1 inch or so i put them 1 inch under organic potting soil in 5 gallon pots. They sprouted the next day. I use no special vitamins or anything yet as i think my plants are safe.

    I grew another plant on my roof and didnt feed it so it died. i grew two in my house, next to a window and they grew but one died and the other is looking great though it is nearly 80% smaller than my other plants i grew outside.

    I will say to a beginner from experience, it's very easy and theirs alot of info on the web. Dont grow in some soil from your backyard becasue the ones i grew in my house and roof had some of the best soil i could find from my backyard soil. As I expected they either died or grew very little and it was too much of a hassle to feed and handle them daily. Use good organic soil, I feed my good plants about every two days. Though I've been busy sometimes they received water in 3 days but survived easily. the soil is not compact so the water drains easily and i could say it is almost impossible to overfeed them.

    I hope their females. Ask any ?'s if your a beginner and need some help:)

  2. sorry to say, but it sounds like you couldnt give a whole lot of help. im sure you can help someone, but your wrong in a few ways. i use dirt from my backyard and i get giant monsters. the ones your grew on your roof and by your windo didnt die simply because of the dirt. most likely under/over watering.
  3. adding on to ripthereefer420's comment over watering is a possiblity but what about to much sun or not enough sun that could also be a factor to the death of your babys!
  4. i know what you mean, im not entirely growing them. my freind helps me out who has experience, well the dirt i used was the same and i know for a fact that the dirt from my yard and the soil i bought were two different things. I grew about 15-20 plants. 10 were in a pot with organic soil i bought and another 3 were in same pots as the rest but just some random soil i got from my yard. i watered them the same and the ones in the pot grew extremily slow, so it must be something to do with the dirt keeping less moisture than the organic dirt. either way i feel much more comfortable growing with the organic stuff.
  5. you must have some shitty soil in your yard then cos my "plants" seem to fucking love mine ive got some in pots with some good soil and ive got some in the ground with my gardens soil obv and the ones in the ground are growing much better... (its not a probem with root space either so dont blame that lol.. i dont do anything to either groups just leave them and let the rain water them. both are healthy but the ones in the ground are doing much better...

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