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  1. hey all, im just starting to grow. i am currently using a Compact Fluro (65watt and 750 lumens) and a small 12v comp fan for ventalation.
    my plant is about 5 days old and here a a pic after 5 days.
    i am a little worried about this grow, b/c the seedling looks very small compared to what i have seen on this site.

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  2. is this a normal size plant for its age?

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  3. yip, it looks kinda small, but hey, as long as it grows........don't let it dry out......mist it a few times a day as well........put your finger approx 1" under the soil and if it's dry then water, but not too much.........if i werte you, i'd gently remove the plant, by grabbing all round it, like a good handfull, and gently lift it up........then remove some of the soil below, and bury it lover, so as just the leaves are above the surface.........and put the computer fan blowing indirectly at it, till it's a little stronger, also keep a thermometer close to it, and give us a reading.......70-80 will be okay at this stage with a fluro.........but remember don't let the soil dry out, while it's developing a root system...........Peace out........Sid

    ps....what kinda soil is that??
  4. ok, heres an update, for the past 6 days, i have had the light on 24hrs a day. i am using Hyponex potting soil (found in garage). the compact fluoro is 65 watts and produces 750 lumens (found in house). also, instead of manually moving it and risking damage, can i just add soil to it? or should i just hand move it lower and center it more?
  5. heres a pic a day six.

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  6. here is a pic of the plant at day 9, it looks kinda non weed looking, whats the deal, any input would be grateful.

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  7. hey, im back with a better pic. i am still skeptical about this plant and how it doesnt really resemble a weed plant, so if someone could please tell me if it looks normal, i would be grateful.

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  8. yea, dude i am pissed, i got the seed from a bag, im gonna give it a few more days to maybe reveal itself or sumthin. a friend i met here at gcity is gonna donate me some seeds of skunk #1, so hopefully i can restart asap. the leaves on the plant are crystally, but o well, well see what happens.
  9. I think you should just let that grow for a little anyways and start the skunk seeds in your custom box too. It looks as if you have room to start a few more plants in your box.
  10. i'd give it a little more time, and see how it goes, the leaves look serated, so it's most prob a grass plant.........but get some more on the go as well.........Peac out.........Sid
  11. hey thanks sid, and yes, i have still been growing it, as i wait for my skunk seeds.
    ill update the pic today.
  12. For all ya know, it may be the next hottest thing to SMOKE!!! Always cool to experiment, ya could have found a new strand of Weed thats undetectable in your blood and gives you 3 times the high!!!

    Please keep taking photos!!

    im watching this thread with interest!!
  13. here is a pic of the "weed" plant at day 19.

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  14. ha ha ha...its funny i am soo stoned right now, i cant feel my legs and my fingers are a blur on the tiny keys of the key board. i wish this were good "weed" and not bad "weed"..o well, i dont care, new little babies will be arriving here at some point in the very near future. well, there is one little positive thing about this expierience, and that is.....

    ......fuck ....weed memory block...

    need to remember?, dankev said to mind.


    ok..the one positive thing that came out of this is that atleast i know, that i can grow (with a completley easy method). I feel like i didnt work or stress that hard, so it was easy, so when i do get some real seeds and not bag seeds...i can apply what i did here to maintain this plant and use it in my new growing of the world greatest plant.

    ill keep the pics updated for sure
  15. well, the seeds that a friend sent to me came, but they were crushed i guess from a rough travel...but o well, when i do get some seeds, dont know when or how, i will keep u posted....i am still up for seed donations...
  16. Someone has got to have some seeds theyre willing to donate to a fellow Gcity member, its a shame the other seeds were crushed
  17. my question is how did that seed get in to his bag...
  18. that seed never came from my bag, its just grew out of the conditons after the death of the bag seed in soil.
  19. just get some weed and then get a seed and grow it
  20. Also i dont think you have a good growing light if you chose the bulb that said grow lite or w/e then it wont work and that could be why your plant is so fucked up.......

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