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  1. well..i got 10 high quality or whatever tthe companies called, durban poison x skunk seeds. im trying to germinate 3, I have put them in a airsealed container, bottom layer is in water and then i let the top absorb from bottom, inbetween are the seeds. only thing im worried is , is about heat. It's around 19-20 degrees in the house and i put it in a dark cupboard. I'm trying to hide it from my I cant but it on a computer or anything. I am going to do an outside grow.
    i would get pics up, but my parents have the digi cam atm, and my webcam isnt working unless i restart my computer. :wave:
  2. Try your best to get them pics, they always help.
  3. [​IMG]
    ^ Total 24 hours now, vented twice, expecting it to grow. :smoking:
  4. The seeds will germinate soon and leaving on holiday without someone to watch them for 11 days will probably kill them, yes. Maybe if you were doing professional hydroponics or had a wicked watering system for your soil plants you could grow and go on vacation- but growing is a part-time job that requires attention when you are first starting out.

    Good luck though, those are good genetics!
  5. would i be better off planting them?
  6. Isn't it a bit late in the year to be starting an outdoor grow?
  7. in london and this strain is perfect to do in mid-end october. The guy i brought it off said in london 1 month doesnt give a difference.
  8. Uh...mid-end October is just 6-8 weeks away. While I'm not an expert by any means, most strains won't even finish flowering in that short of a time frame, much less getting a complete grow from germination. You sure you friend knows what he's talking about?
  9. one month gives no difference?
    so 10-12 weeks enough?
  10. 10-12 weeks will put you finishing in mid-late November. I don't know what London is like, but that's well after first frost in most parts of the US.

    But if you've really got that much time before it freezes, then, yeah, it *might* be enough time, depending on the strain.

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