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  1. I’m running a 4x8 with one CXP-420 from Pacific Light Concepts, and 2 2000w Phlizon Cob LEDs. Two t6 6” ac infinity fans.

    Plants are transplanted from GroDan cube into the coco, and I feed with about 1l of water once a day. I’m getting run off into the pan underneath the pot.
    I’m growing in Botanicare CocoGro. No Perlite.

    I have 4 Mac1 capulator cut, and 4 sunset sherbert. Right now I am running The Botanicare Line.
    My current mix is as follows:
    Reverse Osmosis Water
    7.5ml per gallon of Pure Blend Pro Grow
    3ml a gallon of CalMag
    4ml a gallon of PureBlend Tea
    1ml per 5 gallons of GH Rapid Start
    5ml per gallon of Liquid Karma
    2ml per gallon of Silica Blast
    2ml per gallon of Hydroguard
    PH is constantly at 5.9

    What am I doing wrong? Should I be putting nutrient rich water one day and then running ph water the next? Plants are droopy, and you can see the nutrient issues.

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  2. Water at least twice a day don’t let coco dry out. They look hungry to me.
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  3. Nutrients every time mate. You got a ppm meter? Should be like 300ppm at most at this point. They dont need much nutes at all in coco because of the volume youre feeding. Once a day is fine. Twice is better. Just make sure youre saturating the full pot, leaving no dry spots and dont worry about over watering them.
    Your ph is fine, dont go under 5.5 or over 6 for veg. Then 6 to 6.5 for bloom.
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  4. You might consider adding at least 30% perlite to your coco on your next grow.
    Perlite = aeration = more oxygen = fast growth.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  5. Definitely need perlite. And your pots are pretty big. Feed every day but I wouldnt soak the pots yet as the plants are too small. Use a cup or something to just wet the area around the plants. Once the roots get established, feed to 20% waste to wash salts away. I like to feed a range of ph from 5.7 to 6.3. This covers uptake charts for all macro and micronutrients.

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