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  1. Hello everybody,
    I started my first indoor grow today. I’ve been studying Cannabis horticulture as much as anybody can on YouTube or google lol. But after doing research on lighting as well I finally made my decision and invested 4x4 grow. I’m using a fluence spydr 2p for lighting. I’m growing Tahoe oh and purple punch. My tents humidity so far stays between 45% and 50% and the temp 73 degrees and 80 degrees. I have half the plants on a fox farm/happy frog 1:1 mix for soil and the other half on a 420 super soil. So far based on the knowledge I have the temp and humidity should be optimal but any tips or recommendations on soils blends, nutrient feeds, lighting ppm, Lighting heights, yield boosting or anything at all would be greatly appreciated

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  2. If you follow this link, I think you'll find it very helpful for your super soil...Humic Acids Man Continued
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  3. I’m glad that you found us and we welcome any of that knowledge that you want to share. Welcome.

    (An invite on harvest day wouldn’t be bad either.:hello: Enjoy the site.
  4. Thanks for the link it had a lot of edecatiom in a short video which I liked a lot. After looking into this brand I think the starter mix is what I need. I bought the clones there days ago now and they look healthy but like green and couple plants yellow one of em is slightly wilting or maybe the leaves are just curling not to sure but I’m keeping daily notes and hoping my first grow goes well
  5. I started too you’re doing better than I am tho mines in a water bottle in the attic that I left alone on vacation for 2 weeks
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