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  1. Hey everyone, So after my latest grief filled experience buying herb by giving money to a friend who of course went through a guy who went through another guy which long story short ended with me paying 20 bucks for what was essentially a bowls worth. And this was after the whole thing had turned into a 24+ hour ordeal.
    So now im officially fed up with people and their bullshit so ive decided to dabble in growing.

    Heres a couple of my very young plants. And yes i know it's not a professional setup. Im broke and live in an apartment so sue me lol.

    This is day 4
    Day 7
  2. They need more light, your soil needs better drainage, and your "pot" needs drainage holes.

    Btw, if you don't add supports to them to hold them upright they'll be dead within a couple days.

    Good luck man
  3. Those are stretching like crazy. Pick up a cheap cfl and put it a few inches away
  4. Ya im trying to find something better for them, but for now this crappy little setup will have to do. What would be a good material to use for supports?
  5. Whatever you want, plastic cutlery, chopsticks, etc. Tape a twist tie or two to one end, stick it in the soil, then loop it around stem (don't tighten it on the stem).
  6. So growing straight up is key? cool. i wish i could leave this outside in the sun all day but i live in the desert. And with the 100+ temps were getting this time of year these plants wouldn't last a day.
  7. If they don't grow straight upwards or if they stretch it means they don't have enough light. (Which is why no matter which way you turn the pot they will turn to reach the sunlight through the window).
    A cfl is enough to stop them from stretching.
  8. I see, any kind of plant food thats good?
  9. There are lots of good brands for nutes. I use Fox farm, have used technaflora also.

    It's too early to worry about that and you have bigger problems to deal with in my opinion.

    Get 2 pots, get a bag of potting soil and a bag of perlite. Mix 20%+ perlite with the soil, then transplant them each in their own pot. (Bury some of the extra stem when you transplant).
  10. Whats perlite?
  11. It aids in drainage by creating air pockets in the soil. (It's those white chunks you see in potting soil)
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