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  1. Hello there everyone i am new to these Forums. I am here to ask a few questions about my small scale grow, im starting with a small indoor box that me and my wife designed with a nice door and a latch and some holes for ventilation and my lighting. Now im here to ask about something i used that i might be regretting right now because i didnt ask before hand.
    I used a Rustoleum Rubber Sealant on the base board of my grow box (i used MDF board cause it was a nice big sheet and HomeDepot cut it to my dementions for me). Im here to ask is it safe to be on the base board of my box. Cause if MDF board gets wet its done i know that much. Im doing a CFL grow and ive already got my Soils and my pearlite, ive got some bat guano coming from Indonesia (2 different kinds, one with high nitrogen, and one with high Phos, and im going to go with an Organic Miracle grow for the potass)
    But i need to know, is that Rustoleum safe to be near my plants even after its dried and ive let it sit for at least a few days? Im also going to be covering the inside of my box with mylar.
    And any suggestions on what to use to attach the Mylar to my boards on the inside? Just a hot glue gun? Or Elmers glue?
    Thanks to anyone who reads  this and i appreciate the feedback!

  2. I just duct taped mine to the box I'm not an expert by any means but I just used mostly the things I had at the house already just finished my first grow netted 32 grams on my first grow so I feel like it was a success. I got a plastic tray that would fit in my box and then put the plants pot on top of the tray to catch any runoff water and then I just dump that out the next day or even later that day if I got time that would save your floor of the box for sure don't skimp on the cfls never enough cfls on a grow I started my second plant flowering the day I harvested and it is in a 2 x 2 box with 14 23 watt cfls so hopefully it will produce even more medicine for my own personal use but we shall see good luck and remember she don't need watered daily I drowned a couple girls the first time around before figuring out that I wasn't smarter then the Internet
  3. Mine is a (41"tall) (39 1/2"wide) (21"deep) Ive got 4 100W Bright White CFL's with my mylar on the inside. Yea i know not to water them everyday thats why i got the perlite and im going to get some pure sand to mix with my Organic Soil. Also have PH test strips and a thermometer to check the Humidity/Temp in the box. I will be posting pictures around Tuesday/Wednesday after me and my wife construct the box.
  4. if those are 100w equivilents your gonna need more. at least six, i use 8. i think kenners is high on his stash though. 14 of those lights in a 2x2x2 space would leave damn near no room for a pot. 

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