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My First Grow

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tzellmer, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. So I would like to start my first grow. If you go over my fence near the left corner, it leads into a small wooded area, in my neighbors back yard (abandoned house), with sunlight, but trees around it, secluding it. I want to put 6 plants in their. I'm getting who knows how many seeds (most likely 15 or so) from a friend. I will let them sprout, and most likely decide which are male and which are female. I will kill all males (sorry dudes) and then let all females into that spot. Check every day and water every day with nutes. I will also be planting plants in some new soil, not original soil back their. This all should kick off in a week or two, so get ready!
  2. I would try growing a little further away from my house if i was growing outside. Also people might see you walking to the abandoned house and assume your up to no good (which you are mind you) and that will only lead to trouble. Also if its abandoned the bank probably owns it and eventually will have someone come out and clean up the property so someone will buy it and your plants will probably be cleared out or discovered in the process. I could be entirely wrong about this being the case in your situation, I'm just pointing out everything that I could see going wrong with that plan
  3. Don't water your plants everyday, and especially don't give them nutes everyday. Check out the Marijuana Cultivation forum on this site for some tips.
  4. the soul out works

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    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 12, 2013 the soil out works wonders

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  6. No idea what the guy above me is talking about.  :confused_2:
    If your going to do it, then you only have a matter of weeks to get them germed and into soil because outdoor season has started like 5 weeks ago.
    The seeds you get will probably be bag seed, and 50% of them or more will end up being a Male or Hermaphrodite.....
    I suggest getting some good genetics from Attitude seed bank, they are the best.
    Good-luck.   :metal:
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    You should read A LOT more before you attempt to make a grow. Doing that^ will have them dead real quick. 
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