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    Okay im new here and im doing my first grow 5x Critical under 400w HPS and they vegged under 400w MH bulb.The things is the grow dont have any reflection at the sides and room is big.How much gr/oz i should expect? Now they're into 29 days floration i use Plagron Roots and Plagron pure enzymes(im not using anymore after the first 15 days in floration) algas grow and algas bloom and Plagron green sensation. i watering them always with 6.0ph and i got 6.3 sometimes 6.4 in roots zone. Attached some pics for you all. please give me some advices and some feedback because i really want to learn to do all the process right in the next time. thanks in advance! I forgot to mention i always feed the with nutrients once a week all the other times its only water im doing it right? Should i feeding them twice a week?

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  2. Bump all comments are welcome!
  3. 'cmon guys any help will be apreciated
  4. He bud, the best advice I can give you is to get the Marijuana Grow Bible by Jorge Cervantes. I've only got one official crop under my belt and don't wanna give you any bad advice. I will try my best to help though :)
  5. nice bro cheers!
  6. Watering and Feeding-one a week is cool. The important thing is that you don't burn em (overfeed). The condition of the leaves will give you the most feedback about your feeding. Day 29 means your about 1/2 through flower and the white hairs look good. I would advise you to get a handheld microscope with a 60x-100x zoom. This will enable you to better gauge the stage of flower by looking at the trichomes. You're probably 100% clear trichs now if any. Also get some UNSULPHERED molasses to mix in with your water. This will give a carbohydrate boost that will help fatten the flowers. Add too much and you'll get the undesired taste and smell of molasses.
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    But i have green sensation for the last 2/3 weeks and im adding now only algas bloom do you think i still need to mix molasses? a friend told me to still mix enzymes...but in plagron schedule says to stop in 3 week of floration what do you think? i really want good medicine but i m afraid to burn'em.
  8. A 400W should be about 1.5 ft or 45cm from the tops. You need to find a way to get some sort of reflection or light to the sides of the plants.
  9. i will add next grow and compare yeilds btw bro do you think i still need to mix mollasses? i got all the good stuff from plagron..
  10. I can't see any brown tips on the leaves which is an indicator of overfeeding so you should be okay with the current nute regiment. I would advise that you use your flower stage nutes until week 7-8 and once weekly feed sugar/carb supplement whether that be green sensation or molasses. I don't know much about your nutes so I can't say how you should use em exactly. To be safe I guess I would use the enzymes as directed since I never used them before, use flower nutes @ current strength until week 7/8 and use green sensation (if it performs as molasses) at half strength once weekly.
  11. Thanks bro really appreciated your tips, if you want to add more tips go on bro!


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