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  1. Here are some pics of my first grow op. 29 days in. Any idea what strain they might be? They are just bag seeds...nothing special. Doing this for experience before I move to california to be a grower/caregiver

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  2. I know the short bushy one is more than likely an indica and the tall one is a sativa
  3. Cant tell strain by looking at a plant.They look like they are stretching a lot.I think you need stronger light.
  4. I only have a 400 watt hps bulb right now. Should I move the light closer?
  5. They have also been topped so they aren't going to grow much more vertically
  6. They seem very stretched to me. I keep my 1000w only about 10 inches away from my plants. And my 600w is only about 6 inches away. Just have a small fan blowing on them.
  7. So I should lower the lights then
  8. yes... yes you should lower the light... but get a fan first.

    Actually you would probably be better off starting over or cloning those if you have no more seeds... stretch like woah!!

    The short one will fill out if you fix your light issue, but that leggy bitch is gonna grow real slowly and awkwardly.
  9. Ill say they're streching. How far away is that light of yours? And just curious, how old are they?
  10. [quote name='"Mrstoner337"']So I should lower the lights then[/quote]

    Lower it to within 8 inches

  11. Great advice. Be sure to have air circulation. Im a huge fan of having the grow area sport a pretty windy environment. U dont need the fans blowing ridiculously close/hard On the plants. I concentrate on moving the air around the plant, at a high velocity.
  12. Yes put your light closer.Then hold your hand just above the plant for a minute.If it seems at all hot move further a few inches.
  13. I moved the light down and I already have a fan circulating air. I also have just a hole (right now) at the top of my closet door that I will be using for my charcoal filter/extraction fan.
  14. I'll post pics of the entire closet shortly
  15. I will get the pics up in a couple hours...I had forgot to post them yesterday
  16. Here is my current setup as of 20 minutes ago. I have the light about 6 inches from the top of the tall one. The 3 little ones arent looking as a stretchy, they were at first but they are growing out better now. Also some other pics of the grow room. This is all just for experience before I move into this professionally. I have a small budget right now so I am being very resourceful. I still need to hook up my extraction fan and charcoal filter

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  17. What's the story about the door?
  18. Slightly ghetto. Lol. But it's all good. Grow on man!!! :)
  19. DONT THROW AWAY!!! Top them, or even dig to the bottom of your pot and bury as much stretched stem as possible, but don't throw them away. (I would cut all the way down to 2 or 4 nodes) and move the light close with a good fan to cool the hood/ canopy.

  20. why lol.. you can get a plant in better shape in 10 days. Id just take all the clones you can off that tall one and scrap it. get the light closer to the others. What happens if you throw away a pot plant lol? you make it sound so horrible. Its a fucken plant. grow more and grow them right this time.

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