My First Grow With Test Dummies

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    Hello all, I am new to this forum and decided to start my own grow journal for my very first Indoor Grow. The "Test Dummies" (free seeds I received from ordering others) that will be shown will be Power Kush, Blue Widow and Blue Hash.
    T5 Grow Light (2ft 4lamps) DL824 Ho Fluorescent (96 Watts)-Seedlings
    Apollo Horticulture 600 Watt Grow Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH System Air Cool Tube Hood Set
    <span>Virtual Sun Indoor Grow Tent, 48-Inch x 48-Inch x 78-Inch</span>
    <span><span>VenTech IF6B 6" Inline Duct Fan 440 CFM</span></span>
    <span><span>6" Clip On Fans</span></span>
    <span>Germination: </span>
    <span>Germination for me only took 2 days with the paper towel method and it gave me a pretty good size root to start with. </span>
    <span>Things You Need.</span>
    <span>1x Piece of paper towel for each seed</span>
    <span>2x Plates for each seed</span>
    <span>1x Dark Towel for each seed</span>
    <span>Water (Spray Bottle)</span>
    <span>Fold paper towel in half and place bottom flap onto one of the plates. Place seed inside the paper towel and fold the top flap over. Spray with water until paper towel is wet but not soaked. Place the second plate on top creating a "dome". Wrap the dark towel around both plates and set inside your dresser drawer.</span>
    <span>I checked on them every day, but by day 2, I had a good root and they were ready for solo cups. Once in the solo cups, I placed them under the T5 on a 24/0 schedule. Within a day from planting the seed into solo cups, they already came out and said hello.</span>
    View attachment 1608565 View attachment 1608566 View attachment 1608568
    I kept them under the T5 on a 24/0 schedule for 3 days until they started to really take then switched to an 18/6 schedule. By the end of the first week, I started to give them their nutrients, (General Organics) at 1/2 of the lowest dose required and watched them closely for nutrient burn. Everything seemed fine until I noticed that the roots were coming through my drain holes at the start of week 2, so I transferred them into 5 Gallon Smart Pots.
    View attachment 1608577 View attachment 1608578 View attachment 1608580
    I kept them under the T5 for a couple days more then moved them into the tent under the 600W MH bulb at 50% light strength as not to shock them. Throughout the 2nd week, I increased the light strength 25% every couple days ending at 100% and increased the nutrient amount to the lowest dose required. I also placed each plant on a crate so I could circulate the air under the smart pots to give the roots enough air to do there thing.
    Here I am starting my 3rd week and they look beautiful. I have a few heat burns but I think those are from me getting water on them while watering. I keep the light 8+ inches above my plants and they seem to like their environment. Temp stays around 70-75 degrees with humidity around 60-65%.
    Blue Hash.jpg Blue Widow.jpg Power Kush.jpg

  2. Today makes 3 Weeks and 4 days since I put them into solo cups and I cant believe how much difference a few days makes with these plants. They are bushing out nicely but they don't seem to be getting too high. I adjusted my light a little further from the plants to see if I can make them stretch a little bit. I understand they will almost triple in size once they start flowering, but how to you train a plant when everything is so clumped together? They have been topped but any other training I haven't tried too much. As it is now, I broke off a couple Sucker Leaves just trying to bend them down and I was glad it wasn't a main branch. I must have tried to close to the stock of the plant.
    Either way, here are the updated photos taken this morning.
    Plant  1  3 and Half Week.jpg Plant 2  3 and Half Week.jpg Plant 3  3 and Half Week.jpg
  3. Subbed for the trip. ..
  4. ***UPDATE***
    Today makes day 4 of week 4 and they are still going strong. I have been topping them about every week on different branches and they are bushing like crazy. Hopefully soon I can start flowering them and really make them take off. No signs of pre-flower that I can see, so onward with the veg cycle.
    Plant 1  4 And Half Week.jpg Plant 2  4 And Half Week.jpg Plant 3  4 And Half Week.jpg
    If anyone sees anything that is wrong or something more I could be doing Please let me know. There are some heat spots on some of the leaves but water on the leaves when watering is the culprit I'm assuming.

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