MY FIRST GROW #### white widows

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    Im INlin3

    skills grows: Beginner

    plants: 4 white widows

    start: 10-MAy-2010

    End: - - 2010

    Soil MIX Setup

    PH 6,0 to 6,5
    N -1,86
    P - 0,89
    K - 0,94

    PERlite 30%

    Grow Box Setup:

    Aluminum Foil
    1-Cardboard box


    1- CFL 85w 4250 lumens 5600k day light
    1- CFL 23w 1125 lumens 2400 or 2700k warm light



    OUTDOOR Setup


    gwfg.jpg ladys





    XD :ey:

    subscribe my grow wewow

  2. OK, IL. I'm subbed!

    Can you tell us what country you are in?

    Your cardboard box grow cabinet is pretty cool! Do you think it will be light-proof enough for flowering?
  3. Will you be able to provide more light in the box eventually?
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    im From Portugal ALGARVE
    thank u hehehe
    but the lights its doing very cool for 3 plants one of WW and 2 unknown the leaves up to direction to the lights but i will grow a new growroom bigger then that one to provide a bit more space and put carbon filter to stop the smell out of growroom

    u ill see its gonna be a really good growroom 1,75x45x90cm

    and obvious i will buy 2 more lights one of 105w and another 85 w

    gives me in total like 17200lumens


    and when i get some extra money
    i will buy a pack Hesi TNT or BIObizz pack

    Kind Regards i will update new pics soon maybe tomorow but i take shots of plants everyday :)
  5. yes OCTAGONAL ;)

    total 293w cFL around 17200lumens
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    well i didnt take pics today
    but.. i record it video clip

    [ame=""]VIDEO OF MY PLANTS AND growbox[/ame]

    ^^, am i doing good?

  7. That box is crazy cool, man!!! Let me guess, you watch a lot of sci-fi, do ya? I love all the foil wrapped reflectors! And the fan sounds are so perfect!

    It's probably better if you don't invite anyone to your house.

    "InLine", is that Portuguese for Alien?

    If I haven't repped you already, I'm doing it now!
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    repped me why?

    the sounds is so quite man -.-

    why u r repped with me dude?

    inline cuz im inliner rollerblader innit

    Sci-Fi Grow Box??? what F**K?? u r full stoned bro
  9. u r doing pretty cool

    don't listen the jokers ;)
  10. Sorry Inline, I wasn't trying to insult you. I really like your grow box and I really do think its cool. It is obvious that you put a lot of effort into it.

    I also think its very spacey and futuristic looking and it cracks me up like that!

  11. lol well just fine ehehe

    i will build another grow box soon

    cuz my plants at now r small and dont need alot of space for while

    but next week i´ll build a big growroom

    some peacs of wood and film of white plastic reflectr
    one panel to some lights and electricity safety
  12. hey im new to the whole grow thing to but i always heard that aluminum foil is a terrible reflector that it actually does more harm then good i put mylar in mine but u can google aluminum foils reflectivity ive read online in all my months upon months of researching and fond that white paint actually has more reflection then foil not insulting ur setup at all man if it works for ya then it works dude just some food for thought tho man u may look into it

  13. yes i know i building another new tend growbox with white plastic reflect. 100%light
  14. well underconstruction

    my new tent to grow my WWs



  15. Hola, este growroom nuevo es mucho mejor. Espero que el 'exit es tuyo. Las semilas de lo desconocido tiene un aspecto muuuuy saludable! :bongin: Stay high dude!
  16. mas essas semilAS sao 4 white widows tieno outras duas essas sim sao desconocidas semilas but they r doing great

    u from spain?
  17. aki estao las semilas de los desconocido

    have a look

    My unknown seeds

    nr1 unknown i call her Canukita


    nr2 unknown seed i call her ...lets see lol



    my white widows r takin a bit to grow i dont know why but maybe is normal..
  18. well pics of new growstpot updated


    I hope u guys like it ;) it tooks me a day or so to finish it ^^

    now i have to upgrade lights and ventilation out i have to buy a extractor fan inline tube
  19. No, no de España ... de Ohio. Todas las plantas que posee son increíbles. Usted tiene una fuente de CalMag?
  20. calmag? o quies isso?

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