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    I ordered white widow single seed from Nirvana the rest were seeds from a bag of mixed seeds of candy land sugar cookies and some cut of gsc. In slacker soil .Under a 96 watt t5 the white widow been under the t5 for almost a 2 months from the tap root. Wasn't planning on doing a post but had enough pics to do it.

    The first pic is the white widow 3 Weeks from popping through the soil along with the mixed seeds they are a week from popping through the soil.
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    The ww is small for 2 months. Bring that light down as close as you can without it getting to hot for the plants. Also I would suggest wrapping those clear cups with something. Roots dont like to be exposed to the light. Best of luck with your grow!

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    This is the 2 month pic with the mixed seeds with the 96 watt t5 we are going to switch to a 400 watt cfl in a few days. The seeds in the cups they died so we placed some seeds into root riot cubes and put them in bubble buckets. We also put 3 in slacker.

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  5. If you're going to run a 400watter why not just get HPS? Same cost and much better results.

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  6. The grow is for a personal stash I've seen the last grow that 400 watt clf was used for no complaints.
  7. New updated topped the ww for the first time

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  8. This is 5 days apart from the last post they have blown up since.

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  9. For veg cfl is fine but for flowering the hps will be a benefit imo. The cfl just doesn't have the penetration or the lumens to create big dense buds.

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    Yeah we're just going finish off the veg with the cfl then swap in the hps. we started vegging when it was 90+ degrees outside so we used the t5 for heat management. Its cooler now for the cfl to go in.

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