My First Grow w/bagseed

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    Jus a quick couple of questions. Im starting my first grow outdoors from some bagseed, just to experiment with before i get some good shit and fuck that all up lol

    #1. Is the yield worth it?

    #2. In an outdoor setting, how long does an outdoor plant typically take to grow?

    #3. Does the flowering period change for outdoor plants?

    #4. I wanted to start growing close to the end of the month, is this a good idea?

    Also, i wanted to grow one from a pot to test wether or not the soil im prefering to use would be a good idea. Im broke atm so i cant afford to pick up to much but im not opposed to doing so for a better plant.

    Now the soil im wanting to use probably isnt the best given the research ive done so far through the forums, but i wanted to ask an expert or at least someone who knows what there doing.

    So, enough jibber jabber, the soil im trying to use is coconut fiber. From what i seen it looks like a really good soil but again im no expert.

    Lastly, the water in my town isnt dirty, in fact they say our water is to clean, overloaded with minerals and what not. So my last question is should i try to use the tap water or should i considering buying cleaner water?

    I know this is a bit lengthy but any help is greatly apprciated.


    EDIT: I wanted to show this picture as a refrence for the last grow i tried, so i guess you consider this my second grow but the fact is i jus threw some seed down and kept watering it so i dont consider it to be a grow but an accident. Yes theres a lil bird poo on one of the leafs if someone is looking, should i have been worried about that? No harvest was takin from these plants, and i thought they looked great but if they dont let me know so i can better spot the bad from the good.
    Pic is a lil blurry takin the day before i found the remains, of a torn up plant the next day. We have kids that come over seldomly and i guess they were playing out back and one of the lil ones is especially fond of grass and was breaking all the weeds he got his hands on, that included the bud. Sad day.

    4 plants in total but you can barely see two...

    The conditions were 80-90 degress, and i wanna say at least 12 hours of light daily, where i live they get sun from 8am till about 7pm, other than that jus some good ol tlc, and water in native soil.

    EDIT: I forgot about the god forsaken aphids, there were holes in the leaves that didnt get progressively worse, in fact they got better. Not to many holes were present as time went on. I think i found the remedy for this tho, i hear soap suds help keep the bugs away?

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