My first grow/very slow growth/Strain: Colombian Gold

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  1. Hi guys, this is my first grow. I'm growing 2 plants (1 White Widow and 1 Colombian Gold) in a small indoor grow tent with good lighting and ventilation. The White Widow is looking healthy and is growing fast but I can't say the same for the Colombian Gold. At first I underwatered it and thought that was the problem but that was already almost a week ago. The seedlings leaves aren't looking healthy and bend in an unnatural way. I've looked into some things that could cause the problem and google came up with: Over-/underwatering, nitrogen toxicity, not enough/too much light, and Broad mites.
    I'd appreciate any help, Thank you! thumbnail_IMG_3700.jpg

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  2. I think you might be fine, the first 2 weeks there is a whole lot that can go wrong very quickly with the plants, and over-thinking things may make the problem worse. At that size the plants only typically need approximately a shot glass of water per day.

    Anyway I've had seedlings with funky leaves, that got top heavy and had to be propped up with toothpicks temporarily, like the back left gorilla glue here (or front right plant)

    No nutes, (maybe 1-2 ml per plant silica per week) gradually increasing light intensity, gradual water increasing, and in about 6 weeks later they can still truly turn into mighty bushes. (same two GG4 photos below)
    20221019_163304.jpg 20221009_092732.jpg
    I'm talking thick branches and well spaced nodes.

    There are a ton of ways to grow cannabis successfully, I tend to focus on ease of growth over massive yields, feel free to copy, alter or make any of my techniques your own, and best of luck mate!
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  3. I've grown both strains for years, Colombian Gold from (WOS) and WW (GHS), you can expect Gold to be slower over WW due to the strong Sativa leaning Gold has over the WW, thus will take longer to get to harvest than the Indica leaning WW, water by weight is vital by both strains ...that means lift the pot and THINK to water the plant or not, its normal for the cotyledon to be consumed about now, up market strains for up market growers...
    Better get your skates on (check plant condition 2x a day imo)
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