My first grow (very excited)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by DanielHill180, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Hi, Grasscity posters!
    This is my first grow and I'm trying an NFT technique on my balcony (no bugs reach up there).
    I'm just going head first into it and listening to everyone's advice.
    I got some PVC (a whole fucking lot of PVC) and made the system myself. stand.png
    It will fit 14 plants! :jump:

    I am germinating the seeds using the wet paper towel technique because I read that it was the easiest and fastest way of telling if the seeds are good or not.
    I went to a hydroponic store close by and told them I wanted organic natural nutrients. They advised me to get nutrients from Complete Hydroponics so I did. I didn't want to go all in so quickly so I just got the base nutes and told them I'd try them out. (Anyone else tried using them?)
    I also got some rockwool to help them as seedlings. new.png
    Any tips?
    I'm definitely excited about finally growing and I don't want anything to go wrong (but I know that's almost impossible).
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  2. Ha, you have a lot to learn dude.

    But good luck the setup looks good!
  3. You have an excellent setup to initiate the process. I have used nutrients from Hydroponics a couple of years ago. They are quite good. You start growing them, and if you require any help, you can message me. Best of luck (y)
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  4. I wouldn't ever recommend growing on a balcony (unless you're growing fruits or vegetables), but the system looks solid and I use CH and they work great for me

    Definitely look into getting their Roots XL to help the seedlings with rooting. I use it on mine and the roots grow crazy big IMG_2986.JPG
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  5. I can only get better! Thanks for the input! :D
  6. I will definitely let you know if I have any questions! TY
  7. I'll look into it, those roots look awesome! Ty!
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  8. Your going to need a bigger Rez. I'm also doing hydro outside. I have 3 large girls they drink 25 gallons a week. Your going to want to put your Rez in the shade to keep the temp down. Maybe a cooler would work for a Rez. I put mine in the ground to keep temps down. I don't know your light schedule but it's flowering season for me in California.
    If your using RO water you need to use cal mag. Also ph should be between 5.5-6.5 5.8 being optional. Digital testers are the best. You also want a EC/tds tester so you can determine your water and neutrent leaves. If you have any questions message me if you like. IMG_4259.JPG
  9. One more thing I don't see a return to your Rez at the end of your pvc line
  10. Woah man, there isn't enough room for two of us to have this avatar lol

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  11. Thank you! That's awesome advice, and I didn't think about maintaining the temp of the water!
    I will definitely let you know if I come across any problems
    I do have a return, you just couldn't see it in the photo
  12. Brothers...?:weed::weed:
  13. I’m so damn jealous of what you have going there man! I would love to do hydro outside!!! Personally I know nothing about dirt grows and prefer to keep it that way. Hydro outside would be the holy grail of growing for me but when you live in prohibition land you gotta except that some things just aren’t possible. Beautiful plants man! What’s your expectations for the big girl, 2.5-3lbs?

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  14. I have no idea on what the yield will be this is my first grow ever. I really have fun doing I'm pretty proud ow my girls so far.
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