My first grow using the sun inside grow

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    This was in my windowsill for about 6 days then moved to a weak 19 watt cfl for 2 days now. Its looking healthy as far as the leaves ago. Major stretching on my stem im sure someone will mention. Fun little project plant. My first grow is a success so far!!

  2. you know that cfl is giving it better light than the sun from the window. Keep the cfl within 1-2 inches and it won't stretch. Be ready to transplant in a week.
  3. Just thought i'd update you on this little project. This is my first grow and am just seeing how it goes.

    This is day 10 from the seedling emerging from the soil. It was kept in the window for about 4 days, then switched under a single CFL. Its a beatiful lookin plant:)

    There are some close up pics of the leaves. There has been these little yellow specks developing on the leaves. Not sure if it is CFL burn, but my wattage is so low i don't think this could be it?

    Lemme know what you think guys:)
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  5. I'm not experienced enough to know exactly what it is (if you post that in the sick plants thread however someone there is experienced enough) but I do know that you can rule out any light burn from a single CFL like that.

    CFL's are supposed to be suuuuper close to your plant because their light doesn't travel well, and they give off very little heat. Move your lights like an inch or two away to stop the stretching.

    You will definitely need more light as it grows, and it wouldn't hurt to use em now. Try and get at least 100 actual watts on it with some more CFL's. The more the better. If you are still worried about the heat, throw a fan on it too (this also helps strengthen your plants stem).

    Best of luck, and enjoy the process! I definitely have!
  6. if u really wanna use the sun inside, look up solatube
  7. Longbottomleaf - I will def post this link in the sick plants section. Thanks.

    specialk916 - Yes I actually saw a crude method like this being used in rural areas of south america they would cut holes in there roofs and stick a 2 liter full of water in it and that would effectively light up an entire room just by amplifying the sun. These look way more advanced of course:)
  8. a 2 liter bottle? thats genius. leave it to poverty to mcgiver up the coolest shit

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