My first grow using LED and MH/HPS

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  1. Hey, everyone. I just wanted to thank the people who calmed my nerves about germinating. I soaked 4 seeds in a cup of water for about 2 days and then transferred them into damp tissue on a plate. All four seeds cracked open. I thought one wouldn't, but it cracked sometime between last night and this morning.

    I have 1 Bubblelicious seed and 3 mystery seeds. I originally intended to do 3 bubblelicious and 1 mystery, but I was afraid of screwing up the germination and wasting the bubble seeds. I figure this is my first grow, so I should practice more with the freebies from Nirvana.

    Just transferred all four into the 97 cent walmart pots with some organic soil (also from wallyworld). I plan to put them in Fox Farm's ocean once it ships to my housebin a few weeks. I hope this soil is okay for the initial sprouting and growth.

    Once they sprout, I plan to use my LED 96x3. I am waiting for the MH/HPS and tent to ship in, so....plan is to use LED and MH for vegging, the HPS and LED for blooming.

    Now I just have to wait for them to sprout. Lol

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  2. Oh, but like a moron, I put the seeds into the pots and didn't label the bubblelicious so now I will have no idea what plant is what, unless the three mystery seeds end up Sativa. Blonde moment or what? Haha
  3. Haha! Gotta label them ladies

    Is that bubblicious an auto?
  4. No, just a regular seed. :)
  5. 4 days later after planting. One picture is from last night, and the other this morning. All four have sprouted up. I have my LED sitting over them and they seem to love it.

    I got almost everything shipped in, minus my tent and MH/HPS. Fox farm's soil came in yesterday, but I don't intend on transplanting them to that soil until they are 3 weeks into growth. They will go straight into 5 gallon pots. Is that a good idea?

    Hopefully, the organic soil they are in works until then.

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  6. Yeah, I probably won't give them any nutrients until I transplant them. I have heard some people even wait until flowering to give nutrients. Do you think I will need to before then with the fox farm's ocean soil? Or does it depend on the plant?
  7. No, just a normal seed
    The other three are mystery seeds.
  8. Once you plant into the fox farms there will be enough nutes in the soil for a few weeks. Hopefully they do ok in the soil now, I know I used some home depot soil and it killed one of my seedlings and the other two barely survived, then I transplanted into fox farms and they instantly recovered. Looks like a good grow though and I will sub.

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  9. you dont have to splash out on expensive soil, i have grown and am still growing in cheap 1 dollar soil bags
  10. definitely let me know how the led works compared to HID's. I'm running mh/hps but not sure what works best or does it differentiate between strains?
  11. I have a question pertaining to watering. Is it best to let the soil get completely dry before or water when it is starting to dry. I don't want to over or under water. :( I water them last night, because I stuck my finger an inch into the soil and it felt a little dry to me.
  12. And thank you for all of the replies. I am following all of your grows! I enjoy watching and reading all of y'all's progress. :)
  13. Loki, I totally want to buy some auto seeds next time I order! Seems fun!

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