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  1. awesome! im actually surprised though, i've seen grows on here that have all their factors dialed in, but their plant still has problems. And i am over here doing nothing but watering and i am getting a dark green plant! Better be a female! :)
  2. I'm sorry but why do you think people worry about perfect temps ph co2 and nutes, they are trying to get the perfect envirorment so their plants can grow to the extreme and so their grow room is soo perfect there buds come out perfect make sense? yeah it might work out for now but high temps cause tons of stress and will not allow your plants to flourish like in a perfect envirment, why not just take your time and reduce the heat and make it that much better of a grow?
  3. I'd worry about your temps. I see some signs of heat stress and if you're starting from seed, I'd say you run a great risk of increasing the likelihood of winding up with a male plant... Even if she winds up a she, any added stress is taking a toll on your potential yield...
  4. i dont think the curled leaves on the left are from the heat... i have been lst-ing the plant and that leaf was upside down, so i think it was trying to flip its self.

  5. this is a low budget grow, i don't have the materials, or money to get the temps down. I would rather not bash in my wall to get cold air into my closet. I am not bragging saying that if i couldn't get my temps down, i wouldn't. I just cannot get those temps down with out sacrificing stealthiness, odor, or light leaks. I have been busting my ass trying to get this box to be the best environment for the plants as possible, and i really don't appreciate all this negativity from you. If i knew that i would be getting temperatures up in the 100's i would have never considered growing, but i already have a plant that is growing, i already have 160 watts worth of cfl's and i have spent a lot of time on this grow. I would ask that you not comment on my journal anymore. I appreciate that you are trying to help, but from your last two posts on here you have come off as a prick.
  6. [quote name='"rkm19"']i dont think the curled leaves on the left are from the heat... i have been lst-ing the plant and that leaf was upside down, so i think it was trying to flip its self.[/quote]

    Just looks like a little over watering
  7. Your plants r looking good man, Check outmy grow in my signature
  8. I am so tired of having to use duct tape and cardboard and shit to make this box work, so next grow I'm just going to redesign the crap out of this box. It is so annoying to have to try to make this thing work when i can just redesign it to make it so much better. It wont have ghetto light fixtures, any cardboard what so ever. It will be completely light proof, and i will get some decent ventilation in this P.O.S.

    So i have some questions for you folks.

    1. What is the smallest inline fan you can get?
    2. If there is no inline fan that is as smaller than 4 inches then what is a pretty damn powerful pc fan? ( exhaust )
    3. should i go with passive intake or an intake fan?
    4. Would this be a good LED panel for both stages of growth?
    [ame=] Sunshine Systems LEDGP45 GlowPanel 28 Watt 45 LED Grow Light: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]
  9. [quote name='"rkm19"']i dont think the curled leaves on the left are from the heat... i have been lst-ing the plant and that leaf was upside down, so i think it was trying to flip its self.[/quote]

    The signs can be very subtle, but it doesn't mean they're not there. Also depends on the genetics, otherwise it looks good mate

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  10. i mean there is a very good chance i have heat stress -__- but there is nothing i can do about it :mad:

    that is why i want an led panel, so i don't have to deal with all this heat!
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    How old are you? and if you are so broke to buy any 20$ inline fan for exhaust then why even bother growing? and you probobly live with your parents which is a stupid idea to grow anyways i did and my parents found it immediately...

  12. old enough for this forum. i have been taking all precautions to make it stealth, so don't tell me im going to get caught just because you did. And an inline fan is not going to do much for stealth.

    one more time, i do not like the the doubtful attitude of you. So please just unsubscribe from my thread, and stop commenting!
  13. Unsubscribed!
    Help is help, and the people who try to help you don't give a rats ass if you're totally unwilling to take advice.
    An inline might not do much for stealth but neither will a brush fire in your closet.
    I'm not here to help some brat kid get him/herself in trouble.

  14. cool bro, the only reason i told him to get out is because he is telling me to pretty much demolish my box and start over? yeah, i dont think so. I made a journal for help, yeah. But telling me my bulbs are shit and i need to get 6500 k in the most prick like manner ever? no way in hell im listening to that dude. You comment on this thread as an opinion, don't get offended if i choose not to do want you want, after all this is MY grow and MY journal. Sure doubt me and my grow, i dont care. You be nice to me Ill be nice to you. goodbye

  15. Don't expect me to listen if your barking at me telling this and that.
    You want me to listen, offer me wise suggestions.
  16. LOL. I have problems with stealth and temps, so I said screw stealth. If u open the box will it allow u to be stealth and lower temps? U can use 2700k bulbs for the whole grow

  17. if i open the box, i can get temps down a lot more. But then im sacrificing a huge glowing light in my closet, and odor. haha. that is why i want to switch to led's for less heat.
  18. Makes sense ... ever think of ona bucket? Well the fan would hurt stealth. Maybe just the mini buckets of the ona gel. The glowing light does cause a problem. Led is how I would go if I needed true stealth. Good luck bro
  19. Inline fan muffler! That's all u need. Never used one but it should help with the noise of the fan.
  20. thanks for the input smokey! I have been thinking of my next grow already and this ones not even close to done, haha. But i was really thinking about it, sure an inline fan will really push air out the room pretty fast. But my problem doesn't really lie there too much. it is more the outside ambient temperature that is getting hot due to the cfl's. So next grow i think im just going to go LED! And completely redesign my box to keep those temps down. So im going professional next grow instead of a crappy ghetto grow as you can see in this thread:eek:

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