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  1. Whats going on, I have been smoking for years now and finally moved into my own apartment. The first thing I thought about at my new place, is being able to maintain a nice closet grow setup. Keep in mind, although I could probably be yielded as a professional smoker, unfortunately I am far in the opposite spectrum when it comes to growing.
    I have been reading through a ton of stuff online including grandpas grow guide and the cannibus grow bible. I created this thread hoping that in addition to my research, everyone on the forums here will be able to help me successfully grow a couple healthy plants :)

    Please, please, please
    offer me any sort of suggestion you feel would help me out, again im a growing noob and could use the expert advice!


    Now... on to my grow:
    MY LIGHTING: Right now I am using under cabinet indoor grow lights from walmart, just to get the little guys started. They claim to be 75 watts of light output so I grabbed 2 of them. So far so good, but I have been searching around online since I plan on putting a nice HPS setup together within the next week or so to really get these plants going! :hello:
    Please suggest to me a nice lighting setup for the modertaly sized closet setup I have. Since I only want to grow about 5 plants total, after researching around I assume a 400w HPS bulb should suffice. I found a deal that looks somewhat decent on eBay, let me know if these bulbs would be a good purchase. I figure 400w should be enough lighting for some time, at which point would it be good to apply both bulbs? A full 800w. Here is the link to the prospective eBay HPS 400w bulbs.

    First, I had about 20 bagseed seeds to start. I placed them all in a glass of water and let them sit for a night or two. All the ones that sank I threw up a wet paper towel and than in a tubberware container under the lights in my setup.
    -Luckily I had about 5 small white roots sprout.
    -I cut a couple red cups in half and filled them with some potting soil that was already being used for a decorative plant in the house.
    -Its been about a week and a half, maybe two and so far I have had three of the sprouts growing up!
    -I had to go back home this past weekend and unfortuunately the other 2 passed away.
    -luckily on the other hand, I had another germinating seed sprout and actualy have nearly a 1 inch root just in the paper towel! I quickly got him planted and you can see how he is making out after about 2 days in a picture that will follow.

    Right now I am trying to come up with the best grow setup, to possibly grow maybe 3-5 plants, just do see what I can do :rolleyes: I plan on getting a rubbermaid bin, cutting a whole in the top for the lighting setup I have to go through, than hooking up a computer fan or two on either end.

    Also, could you guys suggest some nutrients that you think I should purchase.
    Looking at my pictures, what should I do next? When should I purchase the 400w bulbs and put the plants under there. I am willing to take pictures whenever and upload them to answer any questions you could have for me. Please let me know what you guys think and what I should do next, I am excited to get these plants growing :smoking:
  2. 1 your going to need a little more dirt under those babys. the tap root shoots down and needs a little more space that what you gave em.

    2 - that link is only the bulb. you need a whole set up with a reflector , ballast , timers etc.

    3) 400 hps is enough for 5 plants in a closet. :wave:
  3. 1- I took out all the plants but the tallest and put another two inches of fresh soil underneath them all.

    2- Where would you suggest purchasing the supplies online? If someone could link me to a nice priced 400w bulb, a reflector that would work best with it, a reasonably priced ballast and a few commonly used timers I would appreciate it.

    3- One bulb it is!

    Question: Looking at the pictures, how much longer would you suggest keeping the tallest plant in the red cup? Its about 5"'s tall. When should I put the plants under the 400w lighting setup and what distance away should I keep the light at that point, and for how long?

    What nutrient suppliment would you suggest for my little guys?
  4. sounds good and ill find some on ebay for you.



    and that seller has a lot more you can look at on ebay. just click his store.

    nutes - i use flora nova but its totally up to you on what you should use. do the research and go with what you think is best. make a thread asking just about what nutrient you should buy and go with what the community says if that will make you more comfortable.
  5. Okay, when should I plan on transplanting the taller plant to a bigger pot? When should I throw them under the 400w!?! :smoke::smoke:

  6. Transplant as soon possible, but keep in mind that it is best to transplant when the soil is dry. That way it stays together when you flip the cup upside-down. Then water it right away once you put it in a bigger pot. I would put them under the 400w a.s.a.p. The HPS is beneficial for flowering the plant, but it works just as well during veg. Theoretically, the light spectrum from the HPS is supposed to induce more males when used during veg, but I have never seen any sign of this. Good luck, and keep asking questions.
  7. there really is not hurry to get your plants under the HPS so your ok. I put my plants into flowering at 30 - 40 days from seed so your ok. and i also use CFL to veg.
  8. Here are some updated pictures. In addition to the two LED lights I actually ended up purchasing a 42 watt, 2600 lumens energy star CFL after reading Kamels guide to CFL's. I had a nearly impossible time finding any high wattage CFL's in the 6500 (daylight) range.

    Anyway, would it be okay to continue with the setup I have? What suggestions do you have and how are my plants looking? Healthy? like they need some help? How do I help them!?

    Let me know please 8) I am trying to get a little bit of bud from these!
  9. That light setup is probably only going to work for the next week or so. If you're having a really hard time finding the bigger cfls try more of em possible :smoke:
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  11. Stretched.
  12. they look healthy... i would bury em down to the leaves... all that stem underneath is just wasted space. good start though... give them babies some more light and watch em go!


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