My first grow setup

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by spacedope93, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I made a fish tank stand Out of 2x4 and ocb. I sealed up the inside to where theres no air flow yet, no holes or cracks. I just need some help on where the lights and fans should go. I'm thinking about buying 4 24" T5 lights and positioning them vertically around the box, tell me what you think. I also don't know where I want to put the fans at or what kind of fans to put in. Beside that it looks beautiful right now it just looks like a fish tank stand. My parents are clueless. I figured to knock out the smell I'm going to place carbon filters between the finish I put on the fish tank and the exhaust fans let me know what you think guys I would be very appreciative. -Spacedope
  2. most fish tanks are horizontal not vertical, like needed... not saying its impossible but its going to be alot of work...

    snap some shots of all materials you have... it will help

    and its not nice to steal from your parents... their electricity, not yours... ask for permission or wait to move out to grow...:(
  3. My bad I didnt really explain my whole situation. My parents have given me permission because my dad wants some of the weed. But I still want to keep it very stealthy so I'm choosing not to tell him about it until the end of my first grow. I pay the electricity bill and have since I was little so I really don't feel as if I'm using their money. I am only only 18 years old though and just experimenting lol I'm going to post up some pics of what I have so far.
  4. Chek my other post man it's the exact same thing I your still interested in helping

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