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  1. So I germinated 6 seeds and finally put them into their first pots two days ago. As they grow, I'm hoping to pick the best one or two and probably trash the rest(I would plant them in some random spots but its still a bit cold up here in the northeast.) I kept everything real simple, I bought 21-7-14 potting soil, and have the babies buried in it plastic solo cups for now.

    For now I just have two questions. First, I was wondering what the absolute longest amount of time would be that I would be able to leave them in the cups for. Second, how easy will the odor be to disguise once the plants start to bud?

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  2. hey not sure but ur lights kinda looks a bit yellow or softwhite you might want to switch to a daylight spectrum lowes is the best place i have found brighteffects daylight 6500 lum
  3. hey, i was wondering what soil are you currently using for the seedlings or germination seeds? thanks. when they start to bud , use a fan or idionize air freshener.
  4. I have some plants that have been in solo cups for a long, long time. You can easily keep them bonsai and small. Follow the bonsai mums thread and you'll see.

    By far one of the most prominent security breaches that leads to arrest. Take care of your odor control NOW while you can deliberately plan it out and build/install it. Don't wait until it's a problem and rush into it.

    Even one small plant can be EXTREMELY stinky. I have one 6 inches tall that's simply vegging and if I rub the damn stem, when the air-scrubber isn't running, my room reeks in seconds.

    I have another strain that I grew a nice 2' bush and an odor puck with a fan and another plugin air freshner was plenty of odor control.

    It all depends on the strain and what particular traits your specific plant happens to end up displaying. :)

    This REALLY is a lot of fun. LOL Surprises are always around every corner.

    Have fun!

    It's not worth jail time to skimp out on odor control.
  5. I think they look yellow in the picture because the light is reflecting of the wooden floor. The last closeup pic is much closer to what they really look like. They are normal compact floro's with around 5k lumens each

    For germination, I just used the wet paper towel method. After the roots were a decent size, I put them in Regular miracle gro potting soil w/ a 21-7-14 N-P-K ratio.

    Ok, the air fresheners are easy enough. Is it possible to make use of an air scrubber without making a crazy air duct system(which I don't really have the room for, or money either most likely.) And thanks for the reference to the bonsai thread.
  6. hey man i was wondering what did u consider was a decent size for the root to be after germinating to let me knw when t put in the soil?
  7. Quote:
    \t \t \t\t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\tOriginally Posted by pocky23thai \t\t\t\t\t[​IMG] \t\t\t\t
    \t\t\t\they, i was wondering what soil are you currently using for the seedlings or germination seeds? thanks. when they start to bud , use a fan or idionize air freshener.
    \t\t\t \t\t \t \t
    For germination, I just used the wet paper towel method. After the roots were a decent size, I put them in Regular miracle gro potting soil w/ a 21-7-14 N-P-K ratio.

    how long or whats a good decent size root during germination? yea , used miracle grow and end up killing 6 seeds. too much nutrients for my babies , i guess you had strong strains.thanks for the reply
  8. Honestly, I really didn't put too much thought into how long the roots were. They all grew at different rates, and I just waited until the smallest ones were only about a half a centimeter long, while the longest one was closer to an inch. Three of them are looking very good so far. The two smaller ones took a while to sprout up, and look like they could be a bit healthier right now, but they only popped up in the last day or so. Check the pics, I put six seeds in the soil 5 days ago, and so far I still have five plants left.

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  9. 2 Week picture uptade if anyone cares.....questions, comments, suggestions.????....
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  10. They look hungry and are growing nicely. :)
    Don't feed them anything though. As that MG soil breaks down they may have difficulty staying alive through the nute burn. If you can, find some PLAIN, non-nutrient added soil and mix it about half and half.

    You can easily take each of those seedlings right now and chop off half the dirt in the cup and add fresh soil under it. Your seedlings will appreciate it here in another couple weeks.

    Looking good ;)
  11. Thanks for the input....For the plain soil, would scooping some soil from my backyard or from the woods be ok? And what exactly is the period of time(stage of growth) during which the nutrients will be too much of an overload? Should I still use the MG again when I transplant them to start flowering, and if so not have to worry about fertilizer?
  12. I love MG but not for cannabis. Nothing but problems. There ARE folks who swear by it but they're far and few between and I haven't seen any documentation from them that would make it simple for others to get the same results they do.

    You can take soil out of your yard but it most likely won't be ideal. You'll also have to sterilize the soil of any bugs or seeds. I don't recommend it.

    Your best bet is to get real soil. FoxFarms Ocean Forest is liked by a lot of folks and has good nutes, I guess. I've also heard a lot of good stuff about "Black Gold" potting soil.
    I'm a hydro guy though. I only keep my mums in soil since they don't need to grow that fast.

    I went to the store and bought a bag of soil that's nothing but ground up bark, vermiculite, perlite and some peat. No sand or anything else, just a nice fluffy soil mix. I add the perfect nutrition through the use of FloraNova nutrients from General Hydroponics. I use the same nutes in both hydro and soil with excellent results. (My ladies are super happy)

    Check the links in my sig for additional info ;)
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    3 Week Update

    Everything is going good so far and is the same as last time with the exception of the bulbs that I am using. I did some reading on growing with CFL lights and decided to buy a set of 6500k light temperature bulbs for the veg. stage. It seems like they are growing a bit slow, I know I don't really have as much wattage as I should; that combined with the fact that I have been using the wrong light spectru probably explains why. Anyways, check the pictures......

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  14. if i was you , you should mix up some 6500k and 2700k to get full spectrum. thats what ive read and heard from other folks. but the ideal color is 6500k for seedlings and veg. stage. then move to 2700k for flowering stage. well., good luck. about the soil , im using all miracle grow as well, its working fine for me. if you cant find fox farm soil you should buy spagnum peat moss., its working for me perfect now. well, good luck with everything.
  15. hey good grow, im guna follow this 1
  16. to your question about the cups you don't have to take them out but if you want your plants to grow bigger put them in bigger pots so the roots so grow out more.. but if your going to take 1 or 2 good plants out of the one's you have then just wait and switch those 1 or 2 plants into bigger pots if you want
  17. Hey didnt read any of the posts on here just looked at the pics, in my opinion your grow room could use a little work and i cant understand y u r growing in dixie cups, but your plants look great dude whatever u r doing!!!
  18. To answer trillyen, I have them in those cups because I wouldn' have the space in that small closet for 5 normal sized pots, so I was going to try to keep them in those cups until I figure out the boys and girls, but I think that will be too long...However, I'm moving out of my house this week, so I will have some more space to work with. Hopefully next uptade Ill show my new setup with new, bigger pots. And I am right there with you guys that are surprised at how well these plants are growing....not bad for middis seeds in solo cups I guess (with the exception of one.)
  19. yeah man no doubt they r looking great i cant bekieve

    when u go to trans plant i would just cut the cup down one side (carefully tho) not to damage the roots, and transplant them after u kinda tear the cup away from the dirt that might be easier

    i dont know tho im just a noob

    so no clones for u just from veg to flower????

    thats different

    if u got some woodwork man ship u could build small extra space, hell u could even use boxes!!!

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