My first grow, pls help, i dont want fail! (nirvana auto)

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  1. looks good. some grow faster tahn others each strain has a different characteristic for growing rates, height etc. be patient. sorry im not on here as much.
  2. You don't really need to feed your seedlings in soil. Once they get a little bigger they are more forgiving if you over fertilize or have some deficiency.

  3. they are 15+days old, given just 2 times fertlize. i m planing to do rick's system, 1 day water, 2. day fertlize, 3. day do nothing and 4. day if soil still damp, do nothing again... ?
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    Hello mates, i m back with suprise :) i can say this babys are 18days old. just wrackle on 25days old, u can see that. maybe you forget me but i never forget you and we have more jobs for do! ;)

    not be considered as any serious problems for now. I want to ask just one question. stuck in my head too. (important) pots for plants too small? Should I change the larger pots? I'm afraid I can not find in the roots will grow longer. or unnecessary fear. I do not know. I ask my experienced and skillful teachers? :smoking:

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  5. Pot size will limit yields. If you want maximum yield per plant, aim for 2 or 5 gallon pots. All depending on your size of grow room. I have been following this thread, and will subscribe and help as much as possible, am also new to growing. Best of luck!
  6. Thank you for the reply. I realized something important to you. Stay with your follow-up. I do not know how many gallons my pots. Can you make a prediction you? Do you think enough?

    I want to ask as an extra, in a few days 12/12'm thinking of changing the system. now 16/8. I think that accelerates flowering. is it true?
    When are SCROG I do?I need to wait for flowering?

    thank you so much. Do you have a new link to your grow?
  7. Hi Goko, Your plants look good. 5 gal is about 19 liters I use 5 gal pot myself and am thinking of going bigger. 10 gal or 40 liters:smoking:
  8. hi bro, whatsapp? :) so pls tell me, what do you think about my pots? i dont know how much gallons they are. Do you think my pots are enough?
  9. Depends on your size you wish to achieve, flip to 12/12 when your plant are about 1/3 or 1/2 of the height you want. Plants grow about 2/3 their size when flipped. And scrog can be done at any time, most preferably early vegetative growth. To be most effective. And I do have a link, I am new though as well. Will post a link soon.
  10. Here, if they are still close to this size, and you want to do scrog, start it now! Then continue to veg for a bit longer
  11. Also, if you would like my help on pot sizes, please put a comparative to it, and post a picture, (bic lighter, hand, something common) I can't personally tell by pictures
  12. Last Grow photo report:

    what are your opinions? there is my pot size with my hand, do leaves got some problems?

    just 2 plant in flowering period for now

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  13. that the ends of leaf color change, what is it? a problem? there are about two weeks, I do not understand what it is

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  14. Hello goko, Good to see your garden is doing well. The tips turning brown is burn from too much fertilizer. Is not that bad just feed a little less. I would get bigger pots. 10 liter size or bigger. The one in the pic looks like 4 liter or so.

  15. hey mj. nice to see you. I have read your message and I went to the garden store. I bought 10 gallon pots. I just changed my pots. a long time will not fertilizer.
    a problem with changing the pot right? I do not want to lose a plant no longer.

    i will do new decore in my garden. i hope you liked there ^^:smoking:
  16. Yes, looks like a 4" pot. Deffinatly upgrade to atleast 1 gallon pots like these below. Don't want your girl rootbound!
  17. But if bigger, that's great!
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    I bought new pots already
    I think 10 gallons new pots. i changed to day.
    I fear a thing, a negative effect on my plants bcs changed pots ? Does its quickly get used to the new pot plants?
    i m little afraid. i hope they will not die
  19. They will not die just because of transplant, unless severely shocked, but if
    The bucket is too big, it can
    Growth a bit while roots start to fill the pot.

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