My first grow Please give advice i think i'm not doing this right!

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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]The plants are all 1 month old but the left one seem to grow better than the others and i dont know whats wrong with the other 3(they are actually taller than this but i cover up the base of the stem with soil be cause i want them to be short and bushy) am i doing this wrong? and i use organic fertilizer along with a 30 21 10 npk dissolved to water for flower plants n i water the plants with this twice every week btw they are 2 lemon skunks and 2 ak47
  2. Fix your Pix
  3. already fixed, thank you for telling haha i didn't even realise the pix werent up yet
  4. what are the lights hanging on? you should make or buy a light strip so all the plants can receive close to the same amount of light. You want them to be bushy then you need to either start training them or keep them close to the lights for now.
  5. i always keep the lights about 3-4 inches away from the plant because i couldn't find anywhere to buy the lightsrip. i'm just wondering if they are doing okay or not because most of the plants i saw on here n youtube are a lot bigger n taller than these 4. thank you
  6. I'm guessing not enough light. 28-31 days from seed and I usually have 1 and half to two feet tall plants with a bunch of nodes, 2 plants under a 400w mh.
  7. They look good. You never know dude. Your plants might surprise you. Mine did, they doubled in size (12" to 24") in 8 days during flowering! Love and patience are key
  8. More details!
    What kind of soil are they in? Probably should have filled the pots higher than that, that's wasted root space!
    Are you feeding? If so, what?
    What are your watering habits? It doesn't look like the pots have anywhere to drain when you water. You don't want water stagnating in those bags.
    How are temps and humidity?
    The one is definitely winning, but they all look reasonably healthy. Just small for their age. Surely an easy fix.
  9. thank you for evey comments! i water about once every 2 days with 200 ml n 31 20 10 fertilizers mixed to the water once every other week.
  10. Are you using bag seeds? If so, there's no way of telling if they're behaving normal or not. Would've definitely put more soil in the pots. Just wait and see what happens.
  11. i got my seeds from bcbuddepot , i really dont know how good they are since this is my first grow, btw i already put more soil in the pot thx for the advice
  12. [​IMG]
    this is how they look like now , is the draining good enough now?

  13. i use the potting soil got from the store with organic fertilizer mixed to it and i also use african earth worm waste, 30-21-10 plant nutrients mixed with water

    i have 6*1660 lumens cfls and 2 10 inches diameter fans for 4 plants
    the temp at day time is 28-31 n 22-25 at night time. also humidity is always at 50
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    my first advice is to replace the CFL lights with a 90W LED. You can buy those cheap these days and you would most likely get a significant better yield. I wouldn't use the CFL lights for several reasons but most importantly for health reasons. They are filled with mercury and you wouldn't want one to ever break. The only reason they became so popular is due to government subsidies. I'd also add more soil and I cannot see your fan. You need a fan to strengthen them. Without fan there is no stimulus to encourage them to grow stronger stems and branches.

    Here's what mine look like in less than a month. Those I put in water on January 3 and after 4 days in water in darkness having germinated I put them carefully in soil on January 7. They broke soil between the Jan 9 and Jan 11. I'm using LED lights, organic soil, bat guano, and air root pots. The two pictures are from Feb 2.



    take care of your plants and they will take care of you. I also have a different philosphy than many here as I like to make seeds. Progress is good ;)
  15. your plants look really nice man, where can i find those 90w leds? and how many of those bulbs do i need? and are they good for flowering too? cuz i already have 6 more warm light cfls 2700k for flowering
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    Just find yourself a 90W UFO which will help you a lot. Go on and you should find one for around $150 these days. How many Watts is that for your 6 warm lights? You have to also keep in mind that W show energy consumption per time unit but that form of light is not very efficient and specific enough for plant photosynthesis. If I were you I'd dump the CFL and go LED.
  17. unfortunately i dont have that sum of money since im jst a student i'd b really happy to have that kind of light haha thx for the advice though
  18. Everything sounds ok. Not sure if I like the food, it's powdered chemicals I'm assuming? That looks way better and safer for drainage. When you water, you make sure the soil is good and dry, correct? Gotta let the roots breathe and grow. And I agree on the fan for a number of reasons. Get a little breeze going in there. None of this really explains the difference in growth. Unless the soil the shorter plants are in is packed too tight for the roots to grow freely, I'm stumped. Could just be difference in genetics.

    As for the LED's: great tech, but in my opinion still supplemental to full spectrum light. Why aren't they using white LED's? They do exist.
  19. thank you kamel i already have the fans hanging up there but you couldn't see it in the pics and do what would be the best kind of fertilizers i can use? and how much water should i give them each day ? could you tell me in specific amount? Thank you guys very much for helping me!
  20. Chemical fertilizers can be harsh, cause nutrient burns and mess up pH. I'm a fan of Fox Farms organic fertilizers. I used them at 1/4 to 1/2 strength and rarely had trouble. I can't tell you exactly how much water to use. Once the soil is good and dry, just slowly water all around the top of the soil until it starts dripping out of the bottom. Then you know you have soaked it through.

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