My first grow + pics + need advice!

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  1. Started my first grow 20 days ago, and how not, already made some big errors.

    The challenge will be to grow with CFLs, I have 2 30W CFLs, I want to move to 80W later.
    I know my plants are stretched, but since the start I moved the lights a lot closer.
    My grow closet is very small. 3 ft. tall. Looks like it might be a problem, but nothing I can do about it now.

    The last picture is of a mix of some sort I dont know. I found it lying around and it has no tags or anything about it, can anyone tell what it is?

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  2. Your closet size is fine. Just make sure you lst your plants to keep them short. You need to move the lights much closer, they should be no more than a few inches away. That looks like the gravel you put on the bottom of fishtanks...not sure though.
  3. if height is a prob then look into LST (low stress training) its a sticky on here.
  4. yea LST looks like a good idea, I'll look into it.

    Right now the stems are so weak there is no point in even trying to bend them.

    I'll move the light closer, and hopefully the next batch of seeds will turn out much shorter

    thanks for the advice!
  5. yea my first grow looked exactly like that.. only becuase i started inside.. i think it will still be fine... depending on the strain ur wield and potency will be alright. they seem to be doin alright now because they have stoppped stretching a little... grow on :hello:
  6. w00t w00t
    Thanks for the comments, +rep.

    Can anyone tell me their thought about flowering with CFL? Like I said both salesmen in 2 grow shops said flowering with CFL will give a very low yield. But I've seen Kamel's CFL guide and it seems like you can get some nice results with CFL
  7. it all depends on light intensity, greater light intensity means greater yield, always.

    Problem with CFL's is it's hard to get enough light intensity out of 2 or 3 bulbs unless you focus them on every bud site and within a few inches of each.

    Rule of thumb (during flowering, dont worry about this now), make sure every branch on the plant is soaking in light. Just having one or two CFLs at the top will not be enough for desirable yield. Three to four 30W (actual, approx. 100W equiv.) should be about enough for one 15-25 ft. plant. while four - six should be fine for 2 or 3 plants.

  8. Thanks for the response!

    Well seems like I'm going to be in a bit of a problem. My tight closet will barely allow any room for side CFLs. But I will keep this in mind.

    Here is an update, I moved the entire closet to a stealthier location. I re-rigged the lights so now they can be way closer. Also started another batch of seeds.

    One of the problems I see now is that there is a major height difference between the plants, so the lights might be close enough for some but not enough for others.

    Here are some pics

    heh, you can see how the really tall one is between the lamps

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  9. DONT start another batch of seeds. It's like mo money mo problems, more seedlings = more problems. Just focus on the few you have now and take clones if you want more plants later. Really, you dont need more seeds.
  10. try to get the lights closer to the plants...and a better reflective material.
  11. Thanks all for your comments, +rep

    I cant bring the light closer now, it will burn the tall plants.

    And I can see why starting another batch is a bad idea. But the plants are only 20 days old. It wont be too bad to even throw the first batch away and start with a batch that wouldnt stretch like my dick when I see Adariana Lima.
    It doesn't show from the pics much but the stems of all the plants is very weak
  12. I had the same streaching problem when I started. Try reburying them deeper so hopefully the streched stem will become part of the root system. it worked for me. also get a fan in there to strengthen the stems.

    I also grow with cfls. I've got five 42watts, 3 red/yellow and 2 blue/white for three plants flowering. And honestly, I don't think its enough. Like my bud Sloppy said, the amount of lumens is directly related to yield. If you can't fit any more lights in your growroom then first figure out how much maximum light you can get and grow only as many plants as your lights can support. I think its better to have one great, healthy plant rather than three or four scrawny ones. I'll post a pic of one side cola I just cut later today if you wish.

    I don't recomend foil for refectiveity. Flat white paint works better and mylar works better than paint. You can get some space/emergency blankets from the camping section of Walmart. If foil is all you've got, then use the dull side and make it as smooth as possible. The creases focus the light like a maginfying glass and will burn your plants.

    I strongly recomend that you do more research. Read, read, and read some more. Many others, including myself, have had similar problems/questions. Just do some homework and you'll have a great growing experience. Remember, we'll help you through it but you have to be commited as well and that means reading. I wish you the best of luck with your grow.
  13. OK I got the camera working. This is a side branch that i cut this morning. The trichs are about 70% cloudy and it smells great. When I harvest the main cola I'll be happy to put a picture if you want. This is the result of LST and toping. this is half of a side branch that was topped the day after I started 12/12. The other cola is of equal size. So cfls can give you a good yield.

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  14. Thanks for the reply Jade! +rep

    I do mean to keep only 2 medium sized females and go with them. First I'll have to see which plants are most likely to survive well, right now I cannot tell.

    And about the foil, well I dont think its foil.. Thing is, most of the equip I have is that of a friend that went abroad, I just took his stuff till he comes back. Anyway, I do not know exactly what that sheet is, but its from the grow shop especially for being used as a reflector. It looks so scrawny because I didnt handle it well. You still think I need to replace that thing?
  15. I do think the reflective material needs to be replaced. If its from a grow shop its most likely mylar. If you've got access to a grow shop thats great. Go and get some new mylar. Its well worth the investment. Just be careful not to crease it. A smooth surface reflects evenly and will increase your yield. Not to mention it helps to make the most of your light. All the crinkles in that stuff focuses the light and is going to burn those babies. (yes at 20 days they're still babies.)

    I'll be keeping a eye on you. Oh, how's the ventilation system? can you give us a picture of the growbox so we have a better idea of what your working with?

    +rep for your gardening endevour.
  16. Thanks a lot for your response Jade!

    I will change that reflector surface, its just 6$. I looked at the grow shop and they have both mylar and astrofoil, they claim that astrofoil is better, what do you think?

    Hmmm I will try to find a better camera if I want to show you the entire grow space.

    basically its an old warehouse, only I have the key. I know those have a very bad security problem, but this place is so dusty and old, no one has been there in years and no one notices it. I also have a lock on the door and a lock on the closet itself. Light is pretty much sealed too.

    I have set up an intake fan for the entire warehouse, and planning to install an outtake fan soon. The closet itself has a 12V PC fan on the outtake and I will add another outtake fan soon.

    Problem with ventilation is that if I add bigger fans then it might draw attention, because even though no one notices this warehouse, someone WILL notice it if it has a monster inline fan for some odd reason.
  17. instead of lowering the lights to the plants, why not use a few books and raise the plant towards the light(s)?
  18. OMG how didnt I think of that???

    Will do! But I am not sure books are a good idea since they will get wet from the drained water :)
  19. Grow update.

    Today I have installed a 150W MH that is giving 15k lumens for my babies.

    While heat is a major issue, I am taking the following steps to mitigate the problem:

    1) Adding another intake fan and another outtake fan for my closet
    2) Changing the lighting hours so the 6 hour of darkness are from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening, that way the heat from the noon isnt added to the heat from the lamp
    3) spraying water over my babies every few hours

    Any other suggestions?

    Pics soon!
  20. Hey man nice grow. The others here have been giving you nothing but the best advice. If that "astrofoil" is actually foylon then grow for it. Otherwise stick with the mylar and no creases.

    Be carefull not to spray you beatiful MH bulb or it could go pop. The water on the leaves might also magnify the light which could be counter productive to what you are trying to do.

    Best wishes.

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