My first grow, PC Case.

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    I am growing 1 x EasyRyder, 1 x LowRyder 2 and 2 x LowRyder 1's. The things i am using for this grow are as follows.

    125w Dual Spectrum Envirolight
    Chieftec Dragon PC Case
    1 x 120mm Exhaust PC Fan
    2 x 80mm Exhaust PC Fans
    1 x 120mm High Powered Intake PC Fan
    10cm Square 1 ltr Pots
    Biobizz All Mix Organic Soil
    Biobizz Bio-Bloom Nutrient ( currently using 2ml / 2ltr water )
    Using A 20/4 Light Cycle With Timer.

    Here are some pictures of my grow setup. The bigger plants are 7 days old and the small ones are 1 day old.

    The taller one is the LowRyder 2
    The shorter fatter one is the EasyRyder
    The 2 small ones are the LowRyder 1's

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  2. Here they are at 9 days old and 3 days old.

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    Here they are at 11 days old and 5 days old.

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  4. coming up pretty quick. i've been thinking about growing some lowryders. i'll have to follow your progress and see what kind of bud you're getting at the end of the grow.
  5. The LowRyder 1's seem to be growing so much slower than the other 2 though, and i dont know why, the only thing i done differently was germinate them in jiffy pellets then plant them in the soil.
  6. looking good bro. theres a few of us with pc case grows on here that im sure will chime in soon. ill definitely be watching cuz my next grow is gonna be some double diesel ryders so i want to see how it may work out.

    PC Growers Unite here bro!!!

  7. PC growers unite!

    another one. I love it. these things are getting very popular the more and more "WE" prove that they work. well they work. with alittle TLC and LITFA (leave it the fuck alone method) thankx to bcbuddy for that tip.
    Im thinking your lowriders are coming in abit sower because they are shorter/stalkier plants. they will be comin along quickly. I cant promise you this but i have a sneaky spuspicion.
    Are you going to LST or anything like that or just let them grow up the way mother nature intended them to?
    good luck with your grow ill be watching for ya. and your progress thus far is wonerful. keep it up my brother.
    stay stoned

    PS one thing i learned is that you dont want to Veg to long. i waited 3 weeks and now that shes producing trichomes and pistols all over the place she is filling out quickly and using up alot of the room available. Id say after germing and vegging for at most 2 weeks switch her over. just food for thought. have a good one
  8. Thanks for the advice. I am planning to just keep the grow simple by watering them a little once a day, start with weak nutes and slowly get stronger and not lst them or anything.
  9. These are pics from today. Day 13 and Day 7.

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  10. I took quite a few pics today.

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  11. hey dude just read through the posts, so how they doing?
  12. Looking nice, i got rid of the 2 small ones but i will try get a picture of all 4 tomorrow. The 2 are growing outside now.
  13. Hey tom 2k9 welcome to the club. Hope your grow is a success! I will be watching this one :wave:
  14. so has it gone from a PC grow to a outdoor grow lol:) i guess u still got 1 or 2 inside? good shit fella
  15. Here are pics of my EasyRyder and LowRyder 2 at 18 days old. I will post pics of the 2 x LowRyder 1's when i check the greenhouse.

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  16. Do you think i will have enough space to grow them naturally or shall i use a SCROG?
  17. looking goooood, fer 4 plants i am unfortunatly going to say there is not enough room. however now that i think about it, if you do not do any topping or lst and flower them right now...keep them in the same size should be ok..

    welcome to the club bro
  18. As i previously said, i am only growing 2 plants in there now and they have just started flowering. I will post pictures of the 2 indoor and 2 outdoor plants tomorrow. Also, i have changed the light around so the red spectrum is facing the plants.

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